Tuesday, June 10, 2014

life in pictures...

peony bushes finally are established and bloomed nice this year :)
 Surprised myself with the realization this is her first trip to the grocery.  I like going solo when it's time to get bread and cereal. ;)
 We took a day to help my brother build a back yard fence...
 Luke's shirt is hanging weird across the chest in this picture...it looks weirder the longer I look at it. :D ha
 As you can see...the boys helped a lot ;)
 duck tape armor projects

 tried kefir water...I like kombucha better-especially green tea with mint.  The sweet flavor in the kefir water is odd to me.  The boys liked to watch it explode out of the bottle once second fermented though. ;)
 Jude wanted a rocket cake for his 7th birthday-Pinterest comes through-although, I put the candles on the bottom as a last minute inspiration. ;)

 still using my homemade deodorant and loving it.  It's staying just solid enough with the wax added.
 Neighbor puts up a "free little library" box.  SO cute.  You take books or put them in, keep them or put them back.  There are dog treats in there too.  We don't live in a swanky neighborhood...but I love our community :D
 I tried to anchor our area rug down with little gold rings....it didn't work perfectly because it pulled too hard on pieces of carpet and stretched them out.  But...
 sewing it to the loop carpet all the way across one side DID work. :D  yay for no more bubbles in rug by the couch legs!
started using these fragrance oils instead of my normal perfume...which sometimes stings because of the alcohol and sometimes makes me sneeze. ;)  ha
 lucky girl...never a dull moment
 pretty weather...time for getting the bow out again :)
 Noah and Luke participate in an amazing race event together :)  He loved it (meaning both hes actually).
 finished a three day practicum for Classical Conversations tutoring-we start attending a group this fall.  I'm inspired and very excited about it.  I, of course, doodled all over my paper the whole time. ;)

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J and A said...

Thought of you because I was listening to klove and they had a news story of someone who had to take down their "free little library" because it conflicted with a city ordinance. Here's to hoping your neighbor's little one stays up :)

L, Ann and boys said...

awwww...sad. That's an instance of a law gone wrong in my opinion. If you can't put books out for kids. Goodness.