Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Garden Journal June 17th...

I try to give fair warning on these garden posts.  For anyone who has gardened for years...It's probably really boring.  Or worse, plain annoying because I'm such a novice beginner. :D  But, it's what we are up to lately, so here we go again ;)

I told Luke I needed another raised bed made...and he said "as you wish" Ha :)  We basically met landscaping my parent's house together...so we bond over shovels and dirt projects apparently. ;)  It's in one of the sunniest spots in the yard, which I didn't know until all the leaves were on the trees.  It's also higher than the other beds to add some visual appeal.

I started filling the bed at 9a and by the time we finished it was 9:40a...so there's the workout for the day.   Gisella was happy in her stroller the whole time watching all the commotion. :)  We used top soil, mushroom compost and manure compost mixed.  I'm hoping to add our home grown compost soon when it's done.  But...at the rate I'm aerating it with the pitch fork...it'll be a while. :)  I've read compost from different sources is really great for the microorganisms balance in the dirt-we'll see.  I also added Jobe's vegetable and tomato fertilizer mix.

 Luke got me these organic tomato plants because they were "on sale".  They are so woody and pathetic looking, I can see why they were selling at a discount but...he says I can bring them back with "some love" and I'm always up for a challenge. ;)  One of them is yellow tomatoes and my grandma Mela always liked those, so I'll think of her if they actually grow.
 We saved grass clippings and mulched with them.  It's been a really rainy spring, but when it gets more dry, this will hold the moisture in the dirt better.  My sister-in-law (who I consider the master gardener) suggested this.
 Oh ya!  Cherry tomatoes on the potted deck tomato plant. :D
 Herb garden and green beans.  Lots of sun but these beds dry out faster as a result. :/
 The little white flowers are volunteer re-seeded plants from annual plantings last year. :)  I have a few volunteer basil plants coming up to and lots of sage. :)
 my crazy leggy (long stemmed) potato plants...they were looking for sunshine.  I moved them over here so they would have more but ...they still look like spider legs and I don't think that's going to change no matter where I put them now. ;)  It's going to be really interesting dumping these out in the fall to see what's in there.
 cucumber healing and growing after being pecked by our chickens... :) Naughty chickens
 A pepper-woot woot :)
 eeeeew....grosss....compost pile.  While tossing it, I found a leek I had used and look, the green part actually sprouted out and bloomed in the compost muck. :)
 second time I've tossed the pile...about half way to usable screenable dirt at this point.
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Sandra said...

Yes yes, grass clippings are wonderful. We do our entire garden with it too!! Keeps in moisture and also helps keep out weeds if it's thick enough!!

Sandra said...

Btw, I love garden updates. I love gardening so it's fun to see other gardens grow

L, Ann and boys said...

Sandra :) good :D thanks for seconding the grass mulching :)