Monday, June 30, 2014

chicken math...

Chicken Math Definition:
[chik-uhn] [math] –
Noun - the inexplicable phenomenon known only to chicken keepers whereby a desire for “a few laying hens” quickly turns into a delirious whirlwind of coop-building, covetous chicken buying, and egg hatching, all of which leads to a world of “a few dozen hens, a couple of roos, a turkey (OK, 2 turkeys), the eggs in the incubator, the chicks in the brooder, and oh yes, that’s right, the spring hatchery order”
Verb – the act of a chicken keeper deliberately blurring the lines of traditional math as they explain the question, asked by their significant other, “How many chickens do we HAVE, anyway?”
Chicken Math Rules:
- Chicks don't count.
- Eggs in the incubator don't count.
- Bantams only count as half a chicken.
One of the hens has gone"broody".  This means she thinks she is going to hatch eggs and won't get off her nest for anything.  She's quite stuck on the idea and has been sitting for several weeks.  And what was I to do with her sitting in there all day but order her eggs that have a chance of hatching.  We need one more hen soon...or six.  And we'll need to add on to the coop...a little.  The boys are making 21 day hatching calendars and we have four eggs in an incubator and three with the broody hen.  We'll see what happens.  With any luck, we'll get two laying hens out of the whole experiment.  I'm looking at cool coops for inspiration of know...because that's how it goes.  We'll be adding on to the coop we already have, I think, and I want to paint it darker grey to match our deck.  And those word the lanterns!  Maybe a few alfalfa greens boxes on top of the roof for the hens (and us too if we ever get around to juicing)... ahhhhh, so fun to tinker with ideas.
 But how could I not be looking forward to more of this (2013)? ;)
 or these..?...those are our bigger eggs than typical on the left ;)  Feeding the chickens more worms this summer makes the eggs huge.
 I got an inline hose filter so they would have better water quality...the money pit of this hobby could get out of hand if we don't watch it... (not that the water filters cost that much-I wanted it for the boys drinking out of the hose and for watering the garden too :)
 and speaking of the garden...look at the cucumbers climbing on the iron support :)  I wanted to change these out but if we don't do it really soon, it will be too late.
 eggs are here!
 one broke in transit but they mailed a few extra...I thought we ordered four actually and we got eight. :o ...... chicken math strikes again.
 The egg supplier shouldn't wash the eggs because it takes off a protective bacterial layer.  
 Broody hen took the eggs just fine-didn't ask any questions at all. ;) ha  I'm not sure how much longer she can sit in this corner before giving up though-hopefully 21 more days.

 Someone's excited ;)

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