Saturday, May 17, 2014

stuff that works...

when reusable clothes/paper towels get slimy and kind of funky smelling-
it works to throw them in the dishwasher on the top rack (not wadded up), to disinfect them.  I did an up close and person sniff test and can tell you...this really worked.
 rechargeable batteries work if there are enough around to fulfill demand, otherwise... the Mr buys the throw aways. 
 blueberry (and other fruit stains) come out like magic if you pour boiling water over the stain.
if your leather couch has been relegated to a jungle gym and shows the battle scars...
 it works to cover it with a sheep skin rug...and it's much cozier than the leather anyway. time Luke plays that guitar back there on the couch, he'll look super hip. ;)
 hail damage to garden...nooooooooo!...this does not work. :( so sad
 growing potatoes in a bin for school far works...but no one knows what's going on under all that dirt until dump it all out day.
 under counter filtration system is cheaper then buying bottled water-for the last few years works.  My parents had hard water and this system didn't work for them because the filters got all gummed up too fast.  Reading through all the stuff it filters out got me threw the annoying "I can't get the cap off this dumb thing" moment I had this morning trying to change the filters. :P

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