Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Giving baking soda another chance...

So you know a month or so back when I had a "no-shampoo" fail...Well...guess what?  I tried it again.  Why you may wonder after my first attempt flopped so bad on my hair type.  Well, see all the new hair growth?  Crazy right?  I should be loosing hair because I just had a baby...and maybe I did, I don't know- but this is new growth within the past few weeks.  I'm attributing it to the baking soda paste scrub removing strains of fungal growth on my scalp (we all have fungus on our heads in varying amounts, too much causes hair to be brittle and prone to breakage).  Also, apple cider vinegar has long been known to make hair thicker because the acid changes the PH of your scalp enough to make it uninhabitable for over populated fungal growth (and it has probiotics and vitamins in it too).  I also found out that our water softer was not working right and our water was uber salty.  So I put soda (a form of salt) on my head, and then rinsed it out with really salty water, hence the "just went swimming in the ocean" texture I experienced.  My hair was totally fine this time around, though I wouldn't use baking soda too often.  I can tell it's a bit drying after only two attempts.
 This picture shows two things...the fact that my highlights are growing out ;)...and while I couldn't take pictures all day to get the light to reflect of my head just right, my scalp was super shiny and flake free again this time around.  No other washing method has even come close to the deep clean that baking soda delivers.  Oh, and I premixed it with water this time so it wasn't so abrasive and stripping to my hair color. ;)
sorry for a selfie here, but wanted to show the shine apple cider vinegar delivered.  My hair is pretty dry normally and can be hard to get glossy looking.  ACV locks down the hair shaft really well which makes it look really healthy.  I curled my hair for a date night and the heat didn't change the shine at all.  SO- I'm still using regular sudsy shampoo mostly, but think a good deep clean like this is great every few weeks. :)
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J and A said...

It all sounds like too much effort for me, but curious how you do the ACV? Do you use raw? I drink it (sometimes) and use it for my soaking, but that's about it.

Mindy said...

So what's the "recipe" for this? I would like to try it!

emilykate said...

For those asking above, becomingpeculiar.com is a great resource.

L, Ann and boys said...

See link that Emily left for more detailed instructions but the basic ration is

1 Tablesppon baking soda to 1 cup water
mix and work through roots of hair massaging until it feels slick. Rub the water between your fingers to feel the soft slick feeling if don't know what that means. ;)

then rinse 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar to 1 cup water.

If you want to do add ons, essential oil can be added to the vinegar mix as well as honey or lemon juice. Then rinse. For extra shine use cold water to rinse.

I only do it every couple weeks for a deep clean. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

*ratio nor ration. And I mix as I go, but you can premix the stuff and keep it in the shower too. ;)

Sarah said...

Beautiful, Ann!