Monday, April 7, 2014

more DIY fails... homemade bonzer

but first a picture of kohlrabi  freshly planted- my grandpa Mathew loved this root veggie raw with salt.  He would also eat sweet onions raw by the sure if we should take his every recommendation to heart.
 Gisella has two front teeth now (she was sporting just one on top for a while) and will imitate waving :D So I guess that's her 8 month update
 classy phone shot at bug eye angle ;)
 Here is my attempt to make a bronzer/setting powder with arrowroot and raw cocoa powder in equal ratios.  Spoiler didn't go so well.
 I actually got the color to match my favorite bronzer from Aveda (which I still love...I just wanted know...try this).  I used turmeric to warm up the color a little.  
 I made a big mess.
 I applied it how I would normally put on loose powder and wasn't thrilled with the texture.  I had added mica powder so it would have a little shimmer, but it was still really matt.  Plus it seemed to make my skin look dry instead of dewy.  With nothing to lose, I added alcohol to see if I could make it pressed powder as I hate how messy loose is and I've had good results resetting loose powder this way.

major fail on that.  The alcohol trick must only work on talc or "normal" based powders because it wouldn't dry out and when it did it was hard as a hockey puck. haha  I trashed it and didn't look back.  I'll use the arrowroot and beet powder in the kitchen.    

I also tried cocoa powder added to coconut oil as a bronzer/moisturizer for my legs and that was a bit of a no go too.  My legs looked a tad bit darker...but it wasn't even and was nearly impossible to fix (or I'm just not patient enough, which is quite possible).  The streaks just kind of moved themselves around.  It smelled nice though.  

I also mixed up some lip gloss with beet root powder and mica.  I used non-petrolium jelly as the base (which is a castor oil not petroleum product).  the results were okay.  
 Here is a natural color picture.  The resulting hue is a little too dark for my taste, but what bugs me the most is a slight gritty texture.  It's not something I would get addicted to.  I may try a lanolin based gloss and add much less red next time. :)

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J and A said...

Pretty color on the gloss, though I agree, I'd probably never want to wear it. I love the shimmery look in the picture though :) Question- what do you use the beet root powder for normally?

Mindy said...

I love seeing all the fun things you try...even if they are a no-go!

L, Ann and boys said...

Thanks Mindy ;) and Amber, it's supposed to be really good for liver detox taken as a supplement. I don't know if I'll use it for that or just for coloring. If you add a little to frosting or shakes or whatever it makes them vibrant red/pink without red #5 or red Lake hanging around causing trouble :)

Rachel said...

Look at that baby chub on her arms! How can you resist that all day?! So sweet :) And I'm impressed and intrigued at your DIY efforts amongst 6 children, some of which you homeschool - I'm inspired!

J and A said...

I know it makes great dye for Easter eggs... that's why I was intrigued by the powder. Never thought of that :) The past couple years I've just used the water from boiling the beets to soak the eggs. But I bet this would be more potent.

Linda said...

the lip gloss looks so pretty! yeah, I've always said I'd stay away from DIY makeup...too risky.

Oh, this is Emily posting from my mom's account, fyi.

L, Ann and boys said...

Oh funny Emily... I was totally picturing your mom liking the lip gloss hue ;) haha I think my enthusiasm has waned for the makeup... it is indeed risky :)