Wednesday, April 30, 2014

life in pictures...

 Christian's yearly picture with his apple tree.  He's sure it will make apples this year. :)

Score!  A neighbor was getting rid of this thing.  We had to get a new battery for it, but hey...almost free is a pretty good deal. :)  (Willem in front, neighbor friend riding in back)

 Lalala....I love spring...and this swing!

 I thinned the Kohlrabi today :/  it's so sad pulling those little plants out muttering "it's for your own good garden...sorry" :(  Poor baby plants.

 muddled peach and mint for a second ferment on Kombucha.  Can't wait to try it :D 

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J Gutwein said...

We both did a day in the life.. yours is more green..hehe!