Saturday, April 5, 2014

Life in pictures...

My sister Ashton threw a one year old party for Lucette Mela that got me doing some research on Pinterest for Gisella's in July...I mean...if I don't come up with something darling by then, the comparison of the two parties will be quite stark and dismal. haha
 Gisella's party dress :)
 So random...found this looking through pictures for this post and it makes me so eager to go on a solo trip somewhere (which won't be for a while since Zel babe is so little).  behind this glamorous couple selfie is the Mediterranean cost...sigh... hard to believe Gisella wasn't around then :)

 Luke makes his first oatmeal stout micro brew...I'm learning all kinds of things about beer :)
 There it is...Luke's baby beer.  It won't be ready to bottle for another month.  And then it has to rest after that.  It's quite a process. :)
 Up North seeing Luke's amazing family.  Look at all those 1st cousins :D
 We pulled out all the stops since it was cold outside...Uncle Caleb's juggling show, skits and I even made a face on my chin and hung upside down for their enjoyment. haha

 I got the girlies a basket weaving kit for Christmas...two years ago.  I finally did it with them over the
weekend.  Better late then never on that one. ;)

 I forgot that Spring + boys = mud
 rainy day lemon cookies

 opened the trunk to load groceries and had a mommy moment.  

 Date night at Sangiovese.  Love this place.  In the summer, the deck is nice too.  Not stuffy/overpriced but still really nice.  This group pictured normally plays on Thursday nights and was a string group with piano.  The last song of the night was Sky Fall from Bond (I think)...very good music.

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Ashton said...

Very excited for a party in July! And I know it will be in no way dismal.:)

Unknown said...

Lemon cookies sound yum. :) And I guess it's only fair for Luke to have his own bottled brew if you've been making yours ;)

J and A said...

Not sure why it posted me as unknown... probably because I comment here way too often :)