Thursday, April 17, 2014

garden journal April 17th...

Caleb and Laura (and the rest of Luke's family) were here last weekend to help us make lunch for church.  So we put the boys to work on the garden too. :)     

We put down paper bags to kill off the grass in the boxes.

At this moment, the trellis is not permanently set.  I think we may do a post at each corner and use one of the trellises as a roof for anchoring twine for plants to vine up on.  Yet another thing for Luke to do. :)  Poor guy...

 Mixing the dirt

The littles making air holes for these bins to become potatoes bins.  Have to find a spot that's not very visible for them or spray paint them grey or something...but they were sitting around not being used for anything. 

It's deck eating time!  Yay for that

Found out cold weather snaps don't phase ranunculus - I love these :D

 Here come the peonies! :D

 my little baby kohlrabi 
 garden in it's rough stages, but the early cold loving seeds are in the ground...future plans for a brick walk...must decide on wether the black trellis things stay at this angle or up on poles flat like a roof.  I'll put a poll up on the side for your opinions on that...

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Mindy said...

You are making me so anxious to get our garden in!!! Looks great!