Sunday, April 6, 2014

five minutes of writing...

It's been awhile...and I miss writing without editing or being overly critical of what comes out of my head.  So, here we go, five minutes with a randomly generated prompt :)

Prompt: bead

time: 3:09

To be honest, when I read the prompt I thought it wasn't that great of a word for creative writing.  but that's okay.  That's what this is about.  Not knowing what's going to pop up as a prompt.  And really...isn't that how life is too.  Can you truly enjoy it if you MUST know what to expect all the time, every time.  Take a few twists and turns.  Breath in breath out.  Where was I...oh ya...bead.  So, since I had five boys in a row, my association with bead is little plastic ones that turn into cute designs on a mini peg opposed to necklace beads.  Then my kids ask over and over for me to iron the creation so it doesn't get ruined.  but I lost the piece of paper for ironing that came with the beads a long time ago and keep telling them I'll iron it if I can find/ buy the paper until the art hits the floor and beads fly everywhere.  At least I'm not pressured to hang them on the fridge since they get ruined before that point.  I don't really like things on my fridge.  Does that make me a lame mom?  Don't answer that.  I may be scarred from a crush I developed at 9 years old over a boy giving me a iron bead watermelon off his fridge when he saw I liked it.  Our relationship never really took off from there.  Was it the watermelon slice or me..?.. I'll never know.  It may be good to note that if a bead (or whatever) gets stuck up a child's nose and you don't want to speed off to the ER, that you can give a "mommy kiss".  You can google that as I'm out of time, but the main gist is, cover/close the nostril that doesn't have a bead in it, put your open mouth on child's open mouth and blow gently.  The bead will most likely be forced out.  We've done works.  Other moms have done it.  It works.  If you ever need to do won't think it's gross...promise.

time: 3:16

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emilykate said...

I'll keep that "mommy kiss" in mind. :)