Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 1st garden journal...

Luke took Noah to the hardware store and whipped out some raised bed boxes
 It took about an hour to make them all...with a bunch of "helpers"

arrangement for now but I'm sleeping on it as they aren't set...there are few places in the yard that get 6 hours full sun and stay drained, so we have to arrange based on that.  The white fence thing is a future compost holder.  It used to be out front to cover an electrical thing before we put up our fence.  So pumped to up-cycle that thing :)  We'll be hopefully casually composting chicken coop clean up goop layered with leaves and kitchen scraps.  We've had a compost "pile" out in our woods for a while, and based on weeds that grew sky high on it last year, I would say it's good dirt.  But we've never put it in our garden boxes or mixed it....or anything.  It just sits out there waiting for something to do besides grow monster weeds. :) haha

We may have gotten more garden stuff done...but the day turned into a play group of neighbor kiddos and greasing the zip line. ;)

Flowers are blooming from bulbs :)  Daffodils please...any stinkin' time soon would be great :D

I have this memory of looking for bottles/containers at a health food store several years ago.  All I found were blue tinted glass ones and didn't know why the selection was so slim.  Well duh.... it's because my house is full of bottles.  They are everywhere just waiting for me to pull off the label and turn it into whatever I want.  :)  Now it's a hobby finding the cutest bottled products so I can reuse the containers. ;)  this is a Burt's Bees day moisturizer bottle.  I love this pump kind.  This one is glass and the ring around the pump is matt silver metal-which I think is class-ay.  It pumps witch hazel onto a cotton ball just as well as it squirts oil or cream.  You really don't what to get me started on how I feel about Altoid tins. :D haha   


T and M said...

that zip line looks fun. did you follow any special guide to put it up or just wing it?

L, Ann and boys said...

we (meaning Luke) just put it up one day. it drops off on the tree fort from up the hill on a downward grade. I insisted Luke not drill a bunch of holes in the trees, so that was my contribution. That's why the wire wraps around a million times instead of anchoring into the tree with a screw ring. We were going to add a climbing ladder, but so far we've just used a ladder propped on the tree to start the ride :)

Sarah said...

That garden looks so exciting!