Tuesday, March 25, 2014

vinegar cleaner review...

The amazing friend/mom/cleaning help I have come once a month to dig me out of the depths of dust I always leave on top of my piano uses vinegar and water to clean most everything.  She used to use other cleaners, but started to notice that they made her lungs feel tight and weren't good for her skin.  That's all I needed to know and was happy she used natural stuff around our house.  Her natural methods started to rub off on me, which is probably good. :)  The only problem is....I think vinegar stinks.  My boys think so too.  I saw, on a blog I read, this super cool method of soaking citrus in the vinegar.  So here is my honest review of the process.

I saved some glass yogurt jars (because Luke loves it when I randomly fill our cabinets with empty jars...he just loves it) and jammed peels from fruit we had eaten that day inside and then dumped the vinegar in to steep.  On the left: fig and grapefruit - on the right: orange, clove & cinnamon. 

I left them out on the counter because I thought they looked so pretty at the start.  Sadly...the vinegar starts to take on a brown hue after a week and the fruit peels loose there vibrant colors.

Like so.  The figs swelled up too...wasn't sure if they would come out of the jar, but I managed. ;)  I saved a spray bottle (okay fine...I dumped a tiny bit down the drain because I was so stinken' excited to put my homemade cleaner in it-so much for conservation ;).
A strainer makes it easier to separate the vinegar from the peels etc....especially if you are pulling out figs that expanded like those dinosaur eggs from Cracker Barrel (if you have no idea what those are-good.for.you...seriously). haha
 I don't know why I took this picture...it's a little redundant.  Hey look!  The vinegar without the stuff in it and that same spray bottle! :D
 I put 6 or so drops of orange oil and hyssop oil in to the mix of one part vinegar to four parts water.  I think it smells AMAZING compared to plain vinegar water mix.  But.  I had my sister smell it and she still wasn't all that impressed.  If you like the smell of essential oils, I think you will like this mild but sharp fragrance.  It's clean and very earthly smelling, but I prefer it to a chemical smell.  The vinegar needs to sit for about two weeks to pull out the oil from the stuff you soak it with-so it's kind of a non instant gratification kind of thing.  but like I said...great counter decor...for a few days at least before it starts looking putrid. ;)
 Oh, and does it work?  Yes indeed.  I've used it on the table top, counters and windows with happy results.  And I can even attest that it works on food that has petrified itself to the table.  Spray it on, let it sit for a minute or so and then go at it.  The reason I know this reveals the fact that at times...instead of cleaning off the table after dinner I sit on the couch instead...but anyway...I do, so may as well admit it to the world at large.

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emilykate said...

Fun experiment! I never mind vinegar smell too much because it dissipates quickly and definitely better than a cloroxy smell. I might have to give it a try the next time i feel like mixing up my homemade cleaners. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

My boys are quite opinionated about the smell of it ;) Not sure why its such an issue, but they march around saying it smells like salad when the cleaning help comes. haha :D

J and A said...

Love this post. I've definitely been a vinegar, lemon juice, baking soda kind of cleaner for the past couple of years. (Though I haven't wanted to waste the other cleaners I've slowly accumulated, so they got designated as toilet cleaners- which is just as bad as dumping them down the drain :) Thanks for mentioning how to make it smell better though. Joel has never complained, but seeing as how he doesn't like anything pickled-- well, I'm betting he will appreciate your advice :) I've thought about adding TeaTree, but since I don't mind vinegar, I've never bothered.

With your oils... did you use the hyssop for the scent or for it's immune properties? Also, going back to my blog post... did you put your EOs in the humidifier? Thus far I have been diligent in obeying the instructions on NOT putting anything in the humidifier water, though I have been tempted. ;) I do rub some p73 on the boys wrists as soon as they get sick (except I couldn't find the bottle this time around for a couple of days), and it usually nips their colds pretty quick. Which EOs do you use on your boys-- always looking for the ones that really work :)

Walking by Faith said...

I know well the stinkiness of vinegar for cleaning. I love the idea of infusing it with some pleasant smells...but I'm sure I'll be far too lazy to take that extra step! I like rubbing alcohol, water and a dash of vinegar for windows...but talk about harsh smells! Whew. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

Amber-for oils in the humidifier, I don't put it in the water. There is a well for oil on mine right in front of steam vent. I just add 5-7 drops of eucalyptus for congestion from winter weather issues and I have noticed she (Gisella) is less congested in the upper reparatory area (the snot flows though...gross) when I do use it and worse when I don't. So I would say that one actually works. I use others for the lovely smell and not really for anything in particular. I love citrus mixes and am a real die hard for lang lang. :)

I used hyssop for antibacterial properties yes, but mostly I just love the smell. It's super pure and earthly smelling to me. Tea tree would fight bacteria just as well and is easier to find-stronger smelling too, so it might cover the vinegar better....or compete in a funky way...not sure :)

Sarah said...

So interesting! Thanks for sharing. Love the little confession at the end too ....hehe ;)

Home Cleaning said...

Great post! Been reading a lot about cleaning with vinegar. Thanks for the info here!