Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The other adventures in pictures...

So the Great Wolf Lodge.  Was it "great"?  I think for kids it was...for adults it's a bit of a nightmare.  There are little people everywhere.  And I mean EV-ery-where.  The pool area is enormous, bigger than what I expected.  Pretty much you get in the door, your kids scatter in all directions, and you spend the rest of your time counting heads as best you can.  There is a magic wand quest thing kids do when not swimming too that keeps them busy...as part of the quest, there are all these treasure chests, crystals and huge screens that are majorly overstimulating everywhere on the 3rd and 4th floors.  The food was surprisingly fresh and decent at the grill upstairs (I had grilled romaine heart salad for example that was great) and there is a Starbucks in the gift shop for those inclined.  I don't see us going back soon, but the kids did love it.  Also, it's 40 minutes away from the Creation Museum.

Trying to figure out why this head coming out of a log is even remotely normal.  This display comes alive and sings a nature song in the evening.
water water everywhere...phone back in the bag away from it...
wolf pup birthday (ears are free with breakfast ;)
We didn't get any Graeters ice cream sadly, but this cake is from a Graeter's bakery. :)
howling happy birthday song

and then the museum...  when you walk in, you sense that everyone there has a shared purpose.  Employees are kind and helpful...it's almost like you are visiting a church or something.  I don't know if the museum would change my mind if I was a skeptic (though the arguments are compelling)...but it's an amazing tool for teaching kids the scientific evidence for a young earth and creation.  Hope to do the zip line later when the boys weigh enough, it looked super cool. :)

they snagged us right when we walked in and snapped these two shots in front of a green screen.  My mom couldn't help buying the prints...plus-it's like... the creation museum, so you buy everything and it feels like a donation.
The sunglasses were in grab bags from my mom for the trip...the boys wore them pretty much all throughout the day at the museum.  Pretty great. :) haha
 check this out!  It's like a skull design on the thorax...crazy cool bug.  The bugs were my favorite part of the museum actually, very impressive collection.
camel rides-not sure where else you can do that in the midwest :)
 the boys were quite at home with the chickens in the petting zoo :)

 The room of wonders is set up like an art gallery...pretty ledgit idea when showcasing the amazingness and complexity of solar energy etc.
 we met this snake right when we walked in (after our green screen picture that is...) 
 pastel mustaches in the parking lot just for fun...Willem doesn't have one...he's crying not laughing ;)


leah said...

haha, these pictures are great. looks like such a fun day!

Jenny Gutwein said...

Willem "crying, not laughing" is pretty classic!

Sarah said...

looks so fun!

LOVE that last pic - hehe ;)

Kaitlin said...

The creation museum looks like a great adventure...camel riding?! I loved the last photo too with Willem crying. :) Thanks for sharing!