Sunday, March 16, 2014

The discovery of Perfect North...and other ventures

After going to Perfect North for a second time (with the whole family this time), we are official fans y'all. ;)  It's not glitzy and it's kind of homey in the sense the lodge isn't sprawlingly huge.  This was the beginning of a three day trip with my parents that included snow boarding, Great Wolf Lodge and the Creation Museum (ya...I'm pretty tired of schlepping our stuff around).   Here's a recap of the first part of our of the rest of the craziness to follow ;)

He didn't actually board (but don't tell him that), this is Adrian's gear. ;)
 happy boys
 deck area on the lodge...can't imagine it not being there, but I'm told it's new as of this year.
 most of my pictures are of Willem...because we hung out all day around the lodge and he likes his picture taken...
 They make snow with water from the lake back there :)

 See you next year snow...unless instead of weeks on end of snow storms, we have none in 2014-15. :)

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Kaitlin said...

Sam liked the video of Adrian...he commented that Adrian's riding style looks great! He is relaxed, which means he'll probably try some cool stuff and get good quick. :) I'm so glad your boys are enjoying snowboarding. I need to get into it for Sam's sake so let me know when you start doing it. Maybe we could go together sometime.