Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fancy pants

Seems like everyone is posting dress pictures right now...so I'll be a follower. ;)    We had a residency Winter Gala last week.  I ended up in a classic "little black dress" after shopping at TJMaxx for a nice quite hour by myself. :)
I thought it would be fun to post my top 7 (fave number) things I do to un-mommy myself before an event.  I would love to hear your rituals as well.  This is my opinion formulated list...based on nothing but my own little life.  I claim no credentials in this area as a hearty disclaimer :D

1.  Hair.  If my hair looks bad, it's over for me (in my estimation anyway).  So, I do little to no experimenting when it comes to a big night out and stick to what I know I like.  I wash it...half dry it...then use warm rollers while I do make up (not too hot or it dries out my hair too much-you should never "smell" your hair cooking in my opinion).  I finish with Aveda (strong hold) hair spray.  This works for my hair type because it's thin and takes curl easily; I can sometimes get the curl to last for several days (unless I fall into a lake or something).

2.  Taking care of the edges: I usually do my nails (and toes if needed) a couple days before an event while watching a show or listening to a podcast.  Somehow, even if I don't get enough sleep or....I have to clean baby snot of my dress in the car- if my nails look nice, it's all okay.  I still (I've posted about this before) use a hybrid gel system because it's super resilient to wear and tear.  Plus the light freaks people out if they see you using it which is great fun. ;)
Again..it works for me, I've heard several people say they hate gel polish and that it ruins their nails.  I use Gelish and don't really have any issues.  Sometimes my nails get so long that it hurts my nail bed when I hit my nails on stuff.  I try to keep them cut down enough to prevent that.  I also use oil on my cuticles when I remember; that may be helping more than I know.  Also, I never go without the polish...so maybe they are dryer now, but I don't really notice because they always have gel on them.  If you are getting your nails done all the time at a salon, this is major money saving too.  Product picture:

3.  dealing with the pasty white issue.  I'm not a tanning bed person...nor am I good at remembering sunless tanner.  I think the stuff kind of smells bad too if I'm honest.  I usually remember to put it on before bed...but then don't want to slather it on and have to smell the fumes as I drift off to sleep (not to mention get it all over my sheets).  Why does it smell so weird anyway.  So I choose a different chemical cocktail via Sally Hanson's leg bronzer.  Here's a picture to avoid confusion:

Now... it may seem ridiculous that I'm a natural product proponent most of the time, and yet still buy this stuff.  But it works.  It doesn't smudge off on stuff and it will banish a pasty white, forgot to use sunless tanner skin tone like mine (making it possible to not wear hose...which I hate hate hate....one more...hate).  One thing I'll pass along if you are going to try it: it won't come off all the way (it's kind of waterproof) until you are drying off with a towel...so a tan towel would be best unless you are consistent with exfoliating... don't get mad at me if you ruin a nice white towel okay? ;)

4.  The shoes.  Not to always be a rule follower...but wearing skin colored shoes really does give the illusion of a longer more elegant leg line.  It's not just hype. :)

5.  I'm a jewelry minimalist.  I pick one thing that should stand out and that's enough for me.  Same goes for showing skin...the dress shouldn't be low and short and spaghetti strapped....you get the idea.  Pick an area and keep it classy.

6.  I think stoles (shawl...throw...scarf, whatever you call them) are great.  They add class to any dress and bonus, if you get cold you've got something for your shoulders. :)  I don't always take one along...but looking back, I do about 80% of the time.  It makes me feel like the door should be opened for me. ;) Ha  Good thing Luke normally obliges so I'm not stuck outside and helpless hu? ;)

7.  Tight isn't always more flattering.  If you have to wear spanx from ankle to shoulders or die to make it wearable...it may be a tad too tight (an opinion).  As a rule, I would prefer to buy a size up and then pay $12 or so to have it tailored instead of it clinging to the wrong places in an awkward way.  Sizes jumping from 4 to 6 to 8 will never fit you exactly how it should right off the hanger unless you get really lucky.  In a  pinch, I'll even alter dresses myself but I'm not as good at it as a tailor that does it all the time and who wants to get the sewing machine out-blah.  Before being critical of your shape when trying on a dress, pull it from the back different places to see if it would be fixable (if the dress is worth the effort).

There you have it.  My little list. :)




emilykate said...

Fun post! You look great!

Sarah said...

yes, indeed, fun post!!

L, Ann and boys said...

thanks girls :)

leah said...

you look awesome, love that dress! such a fun post, thanks for the tips. :)