Friday, February 14, 2014

No chocolate and flowers...

Only going to The Hot Room would do for this high maintenance...demanding...eager to share the experience Valentine.  Ha--And lest you feel too terribly sorry for him...don't forget that I went to a firing range and learned how to use a hand gun when he got to choose a pre-meal date night activity.  He said it was terrible...but not TOO terrible.  You'll have to ask him for clarification on that if interested. ;)

  I for one am interested in continuing the sessions as much as time allows.  Some reasons why:

#1: I used to be able to sit on the floor, make a "v" with my legs and then lean forward and touch my nose to the floor in front of me.  After having Gisella, my flexibility was way less.  I could only go about half way down and my left hip felt weird.  After only 4 classes at this studio, I'm back to nose touching the floor without pain.  Just doing a yoga video at home and trying to stretch didn't help at all compared to this method (Bikram).  Group exercise classes were nice at the Y but I felt like my ligaments were too tight and I might be working toward an injury.  It's a good fit for what my body needs right now.
#2: Less winter blues.  With all the snow, I think my muscles have been in constant lock down from going in and out of the cold which leads to tension.  The heat/humidity combined with oxygen from deep breathing is sanity saving.
#3: I feel like my temper tantrums are held more at bay.
#4: My hip stopped popping like 10x a day.  It wasn't hurting when it popped...but it made me feel like my leg might fall off.  Hooray for that happening much less often. :)

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