Wednesday, February 5, 2014

naps 101 errrr 100.5

This post is inspired by The little red house and her post on nap taking 101
I agreed with many of her nap theorems...but couldn't help noticing a few differences in her house and mine.  She has two lovely children.  I have six lovely children...three times the fun right? ;)  When it comes to snagging a slumber fest for 20 min, here's how things compare:

-Little red house diagram (her nap sometime before dinner)- 

-Andria's diagram (nap at 7pm after dinner because Luke won't be home until 1am and I want to wait up for him if humanly possible...which after sauna yoga...maybe not)-

I dance the same tango with: let the sun shine in, use a different blanket and sleep on top of the covers, come up with a plot to keep kids busy for 40 min (jelly telly movie), and set an alarm.

Where we differ: My two oldest yell "good night mother dear!" (as shown in first diagram) because they love being in charge and love movies...the younger three (baby sleeping) tend to yell other things in addition to jiggling the door knob and rapping on the (locked) door.  I use a sound machine-on the loudest fan setting.  I never need the set alarm-if I manage to drift for ten minutes, I soon wake to the noises at the door without it.  At 7pm there is no sunlight to let in, so you've got to improvise with artificial light (enter crazy Himalayan salt rock lamp, which was a joke Christmas gift to Luke about how I love salty sea air (subtle hint)...but I actually like the lamp too :).

But in the end, we agree on the most important thing: If nap is need, all this effort is worth it.


J and A said...

I feel for you with the husband thing. Even though mine isn't on a schedule, twice since he's got back he's had to stay overnight at the hospital because they continued doing surgeries into the wee morning hours. So I've been napping too- which means I let Liam have free range of the downstairs with the threat to make sure he keeps it down. ... sunlight/snowlight reflections coming in through the window, but definitely under the down comforter :)

Sarah said...

cute post! :)

Rachel said...

I love this! I totally lay on top of the covers as well, with a different blanket. I have 3 small alarms myself, so I never need to set one either :) I force organization on our schedule ALL DAY for the hopes of getting a nap in some time in the afternoon hours when they're all supposed to be sleeping :) I'm so thankful to hear that with even double the 'alarm clocks' - I may still be able to pull it off!!! Thanks for the hope :)

emilykate said...

This is so fun.

I often skip naps in fear of them being disrupted. Weird, yes.

Daveana said...

This made me laugh! Happy napping!

Sandra said...

I sure use to nap. Found out that just made it impossible to sleep at night so no napping here. However when I did it was always on top of comforter and used a different blanket;)