Monday, February 24, 2014

gelatine gummies! :)

 First batch-mehhhh.  Not so perfectly amazing.  The point is to get a little grass fed gelatin into your life via these delightful sour gummies.  Why would you want to do that?  Well...just google benefits of grass fed gelatin for an in depth study, but in short, it's good for your gut (and hair, and nails, and joints).  I added a tad too much gelatin by liberally filling the measuring spoon (measure acuratly for gelatin) and it made the first batch opaque.  I also used some water instead of all lemon juice which yields less citric tang on the first try.  Another issue was I doubled the batch thinking if I was going to make a mess-may as well make a lot.  That's a fine idea, but I only had molds for a single batch, so they turned out really thick.  I should have poured half the batch into a pan in retrospect.  We ate them all anyway, and the boys had a ball popping them out of the molds.  But stirring was a pain since it was thick and I thought the process was a little annoying.  Well, the second try was much better.

{Sour Gummie Recipe}
recipe from this blog

3 tablespoons grass fed gelatin
1/3 cup lemon or lime juice (can use water with more essential oil drops)
3 tablespoons raw honey
drops of lemon or orange essential oils (optional-I used 7 drops of each)
natural coloring (optional)

whisk everything but the coloring until mixed.  then heat on med-low until its smooth and syrupy.  Add coloring if using. Pour into molds (or a  pan, then cut into pieced after set) and put in freezer for 5-10 minutes to set.  I think it sets pretty fast even if not put into the freezer though if there's no room in there. ;)

Here's a picture attempt #1 (with a bite taken...and this is the last sorry for the less than awesomely artistic picture ;)
lumpy stage of try #2 before adding the honey; this is normal even though it looks pretty lumpy at first.
 Willem getting psyched about the molds :)
 After adding honey and heating through.  A syrupy texture which is easy to spoon into molds.
into molds and out of the freezer (5 min to set)
 I added lemon and orange essential oil for extra kick (7 drops of each) and some fun natural coloring.  Red dye has proven to be an bladder irritant for Christian, so those dyes have been slowly purged from the house.  It's harder to keep track of random red hots and M&Ms away from the house...but we simply do the best we can and I try not to be overly freaked if something slips past my censoring.
 Mess factor.  Not bad at all.  The gel stuff melts off dishes very easily.
 They love pulling these things out of the molds. :)  They come out in a very pleasing springy kind of way. haha  
 And the final product the second round.  More clear looking and much more bright flavored with all lemon juice added (as apposed to water). :) To be repeated-good recipe. :)


leah said...

oh wow - those look so cute & yummy! maybe these will fit in sarah's diet? her boys would love that. :)

Sarah said...

THANK YOU! Yep, these are GAPS approved I'm pretty sure. My mom has that Gelatin and makes jello for the boys which they love!

L, Ann and boys said...

So great if you could do this Sarah. I'm thinking they would be considered major candy status after the intro diet. they are pretty yum :)

J and A said...

A fun new recipe to try. Yeah, we have the good ole bovine gelatin in our house too. I was so excited to make homemade fruit snacks, that I think I was a bit disappointed with their consitency being more jello-y. What was the consistency of yours?

The boys loved them... even when I accidentally forgot the honey part :) I made a blueberry and lemon juice with them. Tried it in the vitamix, but the results were mediocre compared to the pot I felt. It's no fun picking out the gelatiny bits stuck under the blade... :)

T and M said...

these look fun. maybe i'll even share them with my kids : )
where do you get the molds?

L, Ann and boys said...

i got these on Amazon because I'm kind of lazy like that and wanted it to come to the door. haha ;)

And Amber, maybe the gelatin is different because these are really springy like store bought fruit snacks. The stuff I have says it's collagen gelatin. I don't know if that matters. And this recipe didn't have an option to mix without heating it...seems like it wouldn't work very well from what it looked like mixing it before putting it on the stove top. :) I may try blueberry! Sounds good too. :)

J and A said...

I have Great Lakes unflavored gelatin. Which do you use? Mine had me heat it up initially, then pour the hot batch in the blender. It might have just been the recipe-- or user error :)

Would you try doing it in other flavors using those oils too?

I'm just envious that I can't make them like those little buddy fruit gummies :)

L, Ann and boys said...

ya, that's the brand I have too. It's the red container not green. Not sure what the major difference is on that. The boys love the sour flavor, so if I added a different flavoring, I would still do lemon juice so there was some zing to it. Most gummies have citric acid in them regardless of flavor. I bet grape wouldn't be too hard to do since the flavor is intense. Did you puree fruit in the blender with the gelatin? Some fruits (like pineapple) have enzymes that break down gelatin so it wouldn't mold right.

Mindy said...

Totally going to try these! How would I go about making different flavors like the blueberry mentioned? Do you get extracts or could I use real fruit some how?

L, Ann and boys said...

Mindy, I've never tried other I don't really know. Fruit is high in water content though, so I would think you would need to monkey around with the gelatin to fruit ratio to make sure they are still firm and not too wet. And the fruit would need to be blended down too, like in the blender so fruit chunks didn't stick out of the molds. I think it would be easier to use oils for stronger more concentrated flavor off hand. But...I don't really know.

J and A said...

My somewhat botched recipe (though the boys still ate them) was something similar to this recipe... ( But they told me to use the vitamix too. Wasn't thrilled with the end result, but the boys didn't mind. It just wasn't fruit snack consistency. I tried An's recipe a few days ago (ok, right after I first read the post), and hers was definitely more similar, albeit bigger. I thought about using lemon/orange, and opted for strawberry extract instead- only cuz I was curious how it'd turn out. I added a 1/4t, the flavor isn't super strong, but it's there.

I've been curious why lemon/orange/lime are used... it's either because they are citrus, because the internet is filled with a bunch of lemmings :), or as An mentioned, because they are pretty intense flavors and you will need a strong flavor to pull out a recognizable taste(so since I have cranberry and cherry on hand, I might try to add some of those next! ... I also saw some people using frozen fruit concentrate- I haven't compared sugar content to that of the honey, but it seems like it'd be more).