Saturday, January 25, 2014

the perfect time...

proof (via this so flattering photo)...that I ate raw sea urchin! :D  I thought it was creamy and didn't have a strong taste, Luke said it tasted like rotten peanut butter...?  I don't know, maybe he has a better sense of taste or something.
 foot selfie of Gisella's new realm...yes realm.  The little princess has this whole room to her  little self while the other boys room is looking more and more like an army bunk house. :)  This would have been a nice time for the good camera (and daylight)...but there is only so much a rocking the baby mama can do in the moment. ;)
 I always wanted an art room.  It was one of those...when I have the perfect house, I'll do this and that kind of things.  But recently, I've been plunging into my "someday" list and getting on with it (and wouldn't you know it, getting more attached to our little house all the time). :)  The office is now half art room and the boys get 20 minutes all to themselves on a rotating schedule.  It's been so fun for kiddos---for all. :)
 All the things I don't let them play with because they are "messy" or have too many "little parts" are in there and we keep the door locked.  I'm loving it- loving it- loving it.  So glad I didn't wait for the perfect time or space to magically appear.
 And....the Christmas sweater on my sweet little Willem. little baby boy.


Anonymous said...

I love your banner picture adorable.


J Gutwein said...

I will have to visit soon and check out the new areas!!

T and M said...

i like the art room idea! Mandy