Wednesday, January 15, 2014

life in pictures...

de-cluttereing bug hit...maybe because of the new year...maybe from being cooped up indoors through the snow storm.  I got rid of my 12 years ago wedding shoes, but was sure to take a picture or two and remembered with fondness they were one of my favorite little details. :)  As you can see from the dirt, I wore them several times more after the big day for special events. :)

 The boys packing snow gear the night before flying out to CO.  Both kiddos got altitude sickness and puked multiple times once they were two miles up above sea level...but they did great on their snowboards :)  Good thing they were decked out: -20 and white out conditions on the mountain the first day.

 The little People have been Pleading for a "P" night  We had Place settings with their names, Pineapple, Pistachios, Potato chips, Pot Pie, Pecan Pie, Played Pictionary, and then Promptly Plopped them into bed. :)  The two older boys got stuff at TJs with Luke and had the checkout guy laughing at all the items starting with P.  He called after them as they left "hope you have a good night" and Adrian yelled back "I Predict it will be Perfect." haha
Some great drawings- a later noticed I started with P words...and then drifted off to unrelated tropical stuff in denial of the snow blowing outside. haha
snow snow snow

 I think some people cover their chairs...or at least bring in the cushions...sigh
 "Hey mom!" -10,  I didn't let him out of my sight.  He's the crazy one that would sit around in the cold until he froze to death and not notice.
 homemade snow globes the boys made with aunt Laura over Christmas
 made life worth living during the storm :)
 The snow on the wood stayed unmelted for ours by the door...
 12 month pants on a 5 month girl-not just in this brand either (and not because of a cloth diaper in this picture) haha ;)
 I'm 5 months
 I drool...a lot.
 but my daddy is still obsessed with me
 To the point Christian has mentioned he would "like to be a baby again...sometimes"

 Christian out in 30 degree weather thinking it was warm after the cold snap, he was looking for tracks the crane left in the drive.
 my four year old blonde
 These boys went out to see the tracks too, all the way around the house... they really pushed the "it's warmer out now" envelope in the outerwear department for the venture. haha


J and A said...

Cute pictures of G :) And I loved the snow on the trees. Did you do family nights for all the other alphabet letters, or why "P"?

L, Ann and boys said...

we've done random letters as the theme :) we haven't done nearly all of them though :)