Friday, January 17, 2014

judgmental me...

I was waiting for a group exercise class to start at the Y.  There is this single little narrow window to the room by the door; an older guy was standing there unabashedly watching the instructor who was full swing leading an energetic Hip Hop class.  At first it didn't annoy me too much.  But he just kept staring... and finally my mind labeled the guy as a creeper.  The group of us waiting to go in, stood aside as the room cleared out, and finally the guy disappeared.

the class started late.  there were flowers in front of the room.  When it finally started, the leader of the class came in a little teary eyed and introduced her father....the guy who had been watching.  Apparently it is not only the instructors 40 birthday (not that you could tell that) but it's also her last day at the Y as an instructor (her family is moving to SC).

I may have known some of these details ahead of time if I ever got into a steady routine at the Y.  But I would have missed out on my judgmental  thoughts toward that proud daddy, and that would have been a real shame. haha :)  These are the things that slowly mature us.



Kelli Blog said...

Thanks for posting with such honesty Ann.

Sarah said...

Oh I would have reacted the SAME WAY!!

Thanks for sharing ;)

emilykate said...

It's always refreshing to find out something is actually better than you thought and not worse!