Sunday, December 8, 2013

The new...

crazy modern and white white white.  Looks clean and I hope it serves the needs of those in Indy the way it was intended to.  The move was Saturday and with the help of several national guard units, the move went as smoothly…well as smoothly as moving patients can get. :)

food court area
 local food suppliers on those middle shelves :)

 A grand piano in the lobby…!

 Emergency waiting room is huge
 And the department itself is big enough to get lost in
 getting a feel for the computers before the move


Sarah said...

Wow, impressive!!

Ashton said...

It's so pretty! How fun! Makes me wish I had a reason to visit the emergency room…almost.:)

leah said...

oh wow! this is a beautiful facility!

emilykate said...

Very cool. Is it downtown?

L, Ann and boys said...

emily- yes, its pretty close to the old Wishard Hospital which is being converted to something else. It got too expensive to maintain the old building.