Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas/Thanksgiving bash...

on Luke darlings side.  These picture don't do it justice...but pretty much everyone in our Indy clan was fighting a winter bug of some kind, including me, so I was pretty busy making tea most of the time. :)

Uncle Caleb kept things lively as always with beards, mustaches and ninja gear made out of left over material used to make tied off blankets for a local nursing home.  Laura brought many very cute projects for the kiddos to work on like that.
 "charming..."  (he was actually, he read aloud for the kids, I love that)
 Adrian had a birthday party early in the week, so I sat back and Laura and Gigi had a super fun Bat Man themed party all planned out and set up for him. :D  So cute, they raised the bar for my not so fancy parties at home we normally do.
 Cute little book about bats that Gigi likes :)
 du-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu-nu bat man....
 A cute version of cat women :)
 Some kind of rocket ship they colored on in the game room, and there's grandpa and Maria in this shot too-glad they could make it :)
 My one project, I taught the little girlies how to knit, and Laura learned on the fly too. :)
 More members for the knitting crazies club ;)

Other fun details I don't want to forget: two 1000 piece puzzles completed, caroling at a nursing home (which I missed out on but the kiddos went), catored in meal for the night we opened presents, Laura's fabulous fish-yum, sharing essential oils, Laura helping me deal with Gisella's blow out... that happened on their bed, small group watching October Baby, Sammy's puppy chow, making snow globes and Christmas cards.  

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