Saturday, November 23, 2013

Here you are flying kites...

I am currently obsessed with: soup…of all kinds.  That and oils and their basic uses for skin and mood stabilizing during the dry dismal winter months ahead.  Olive oil in my shake this morning. :)  And have you seen the newest Christmas catalog from Anthro…?  It's about three sisters and it makes me want to go into marketing it's so spot on. :D  And OneRepublic…and…removing ball-y nubby things from my clothes with a razor…. Okay, I'll stop with my obsession with obsessions.

My biggest pet peeve is: this will sound really judgmental and I feel more bad/sorry than peeved because it may be unavoidable, but here it is: when I see young school aged kids at stores after 10-11pm that look stoned they are so tired.  Then if they whine, the parents are somehow mad at them when they just need a place to curl up.  Most likely they will be hyperactive the next day in school trying to stay awake.  I get more sad and "peeved" if the cart is chocked full of sugar in all forms.  Not that I don't like sugar….but…there are other food groups out there. :)

I could eat an endless supply of: good ice cream (just tried Graeter's last night-YUM!), lettuce salad (my MIL basically makes a bowl for everyone else... and one for me when we visit. ;)

I am currently reading: A Clive Cussler Luke recommended about early flight…I try to expand my horizons-not one I would have picked on my own. ;)

My bedtime recently has been: after 11…sadly always after 11 or 12p.  we say sleep is overrated over here, but secretly, I think we wish we got more. :)  I don't get up until totally necessary-as in, when baby G wakes.

The last movie I watched was: Mr Popper Penguins for family movie night.  Decent movie but was annoyed at several scenes with lack of respect for authority figures.  After two or three incidences, it became a theme in my opinion.  Doesn't follow the book at all, other than a guy getting penguins in the city.  Also the use of OMG a couple times in amazement of imaginary blue wales and a fake prayer about stopping the ice caps from melting (maybe plugged-in reviews as an opening for me ;).

I am writing this while: my little Will sits on my lap with a runny nose that needs tended to for the 100th time today and listening to a Pandora ad about Black Friday shopping which annoys me, but I refuse to shell out money for ad free listening. ;)

The scripture that is really speaking to my heart is:  I'm reading through Exodus and read about the details of the temple last night.  I am moved by the fact that God could have given any direction for the temple he chose to, but the details are pure, natural and artistically lay out in an organized way that will bring the people together in worship and cooperation.  Picturing a gold lamp stand being carefully hammered out in one piece by a maticulous artist into olive flowers was really special to me.  It makes me strain my head forward to more beauty from my creator on a much grander scale.  

On days when I don’t leave the house, I: play music, clean one room, homeschool, one load of laundry…clean the kitchen (again)…get excited about Luke coming home…listen to an Andy Stanley sermon while doing my nails with gel system (takes forever, but last forever so…) I stay home a lot and go out if Luke is home with the kids or the pay out for the effort isn't worth it in imo.

If I could hug anybody today, it would be: For some reason this one is hard for me.  Depending on how trusting I am at the moment is whether I want hugs or not.  I always want them from my Luke darling…so I'll go with that.  I dislike fake hugs (not friendly half hugs, those are fine).


Mindy said...

Umm, how do you remove those nubby things from your shirts? I need to do that!!!

L, Ann and boys said...

take a razor with wire guards (like a venus one) and hold the fabric as tight/flat as possible-shave away. they shave off in clumps sort of, throw them away and you're set. I've never razored a hole in the fabric, but it's a risk I would guess…I consider the article ruined already with the nubby things, so not much risk for me. :)

Sandra said...

That's how I remove nubbys from my skirts and shirts too and have never put a hole in the garment. Just pull tight;).

Sarah said...

thanks for posting - loved the random tidbits!

emilykate said...

Fun post...I might do it as well...

And Graeters?! Seriously the best!

Also, I was at Target later the other night...Henrik had been in bed for an hour and saw a kid about his age just coming with his mom as I was leaving. It felt sad to me.

Rachel said...

Wow, your post is so thorough and interesting! Much better than mine :) And we love Andy Stanley over here as well - sometimes it feels like I quote him more than Jesus...Happy Thanksgiving!