Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The weekend in pictures...

 we tried to get some family pictures in...timer with tripod and all... it went really well.
 really- it went really well. ;)  
Rich and Sammy had to make a retention pond for a building and so therefore made it fantabulous while they were at it. :)
 This high dive doesn't look too bad in this picture...but let me tell you... it makes the tummy queazy once you get up there and then the legs start to get a little shaky soon after that.  
 Luke taunted from below; I walked off the edge preluding with "oh crud" and was quite proud ;)  water up my nose for sure. 
 Caleb climbing up the rope like a monkey-no big D
 the "beach" hoosier style :)  I had ice water in a Mason jar too-did I mention the water temp in late Sept? Balmy-simply baaaaaalmy ;)
 pondering if it's worth it and giving his funeral requests... :D
 some cute cousin teamwork

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Ashton said...

Fun! Glad you survived.:)