Thursday, October 31, 2013

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A blog friend's post about how to handle halloween…when it's not totally your thing.  Since it got long, I thought it was worth a candid copy and paste.

"uggg…I know.  I tried not to get into it..but as a mom it's really hard to see your kids near tears because their crazy mom doesn't like trick or treating and they see other kids gleaning the candy in their bags down our neighborhood sidewalks. :/  It's also the only time our whole community actually opens our doors a little bit instead of sitting on the couch isolated watching the tube-you have to give a little credence to that.  We've done some trunk or treating at the church across the street to satisfy the need to dress up and a few fall festival type things at church over the years.  They didn't do trunk or treat the last two years across the way though-not sure why.  
This year, Noah was old enough to read up on the history of the traditions from different cultures that has made Holloween what it is today and said he doesn't want to celebrate it of his own accord.  Thank goodness.  I don't want to be controlling.  I want them to make their own choices when they can actually process it, so I was pretty pumped when he made a choice I very much agree with.  I don't like celebrating death and the thrill of fear.  I also don't feel the need to dress up so an evil spirit doesn't recognize me when they are allowed to roam the earth tonight. :P  I'm brave like that. wink-wink

It's raining right now anyway…so for this year at least, I'm spared some drama and mama guilt that I only have a random rocket costume in the house for dress up fun and not a speck of face paint to be found.

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emilykate said...

Love your idea to have him research the subject and decide.

I ended up enjoying the evening more than I thought. Lion Henrik was a great way to run over to a couple of our neighbors who I've been wanting to develop more of a relationship with. :)