Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cape San Blas 2013

(hey, if you read my meandering post yesterday-see edit below because I'm bugged about a unintenianal meaning changing typo :)

Cape San Blas

The water was clear enough to snorkel!  So fun for the boys who saw many different kinds of fish.  

Luke wore these boys out by then end of the day
 Just because her legs are fabulous ;)
 two fires on the beach…to be repeated as it was a big hit with the littles
 This sums up how Luke makes vacation work…fishing, holding the baby..no big deal right. ;)
 Why fisherman say evening is when fish bite ;)
 A mini 3 month baby photo shoot
 castle covered in colored shells

A rainbow off the ocean
 Luke caught a shark…there were other sharks, but I'd rather not talk about how numerous :/ (this one was very good with garlic on the grill--though I will admit, I had mixed emotions about it's sudden beheading with a big pocket knife--they are pretty creatures--when not swimming past my legs in waist deep water).


emilykate said...

You guys make vacationing with 6 kids look fun. :)

Ashton said...

Great photos! Looks like a fabulous week. And yes, after vacationing with 15 kids, 6 probably was pretty fun.:)

L, Ann and boys said...

Thanks Emily! :)

and ya…oddly enough, it seems pretty calm Ash. ;)