Thursday, September 19, 2013

What homeschool math really looks like...

at our house this morning.

Adrian is thinking through number combinations that add up to 15 to solve the problem below (which is what he's supposed to do) and I think "Hey!  I'll show him how easy algebra is!"   I proceeded to write an equation that couldn't be solved with the given information:

 x+(y+7) =15

To my credit...I knew it was wrong quickly enough...
To Adrian's credit...he realized algebra wasn't as easy as I was trying to sell it

The Y easily became an "x" by adding an extra line...but then a group decision was made that it should really be "c" for cheese.  That's when I handed it off to Luke before Adrian decided never to trust me as his teacher again.  

And so the sentiment that letters really don't belong in math problems (especially letters that change three times at random) has been established in yet one more pupils mind ;)


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