Friday, September 27, 2013

The question was...

"Do you take more pictures of Gisella than the other kids?"  The answer..."ya, probably."

here we have some photo prop earrings that are non-pierceing ;)

 can't get enough of them with her daddy

sometimes sleeps 10+ at I made her a halo (that she doesn't sleep in) ;) 

bedroom eyes :)  I send these to Luke at work

well shoot...why not

 never enough of her in the bath :)  Yesterday she discovered she can make a squeaky sound with her foot on the tub foam... totally worthy of the whole family gathering around to laugh at the cricket-like performance. :D


Miranda said...

So adorable!

Mindy said...

She is such a doll!

emilykate said...

I just kept thinking how she's the girl version of all your boys...which is kind of an obvious statement, but do you know what I mean? :)

L, Ann and boys said...

emily-totally. Sometimes I think she's Adrian with estrogen to smooth everything out. ;) And I tell Luke that of course she's a cut little pixie version of the boys...God's creation just kept getting more and more intricate and complex as the days went along you know. ;) ;) haha