Thursday, August 22, 2013

SC vaca photo bomb

The highlights (and randomness) in pictures...

We had the honor of meeting Prim's biological sister-she was so sweet
 and bio mom, as Prim's adoption is open (as apposed to closed with no contact)

All hands on deck for meal prep.  This was Jen's night to plan when Prim's family came for a few hours over dinner, but we all ended up in the kitchen for meal preparations each night; it's fun mindlessly chopping vegetables when it's not your meal to coordinate for 16+ adults and their children. ;) 
 too cute
 What dinner looked like for the older kids each night...#39 is Prim's bio brother... almost blends in un-noticed in this picture ;)
 The icing spatulas go to work on a sand castle wagering war with a tide stream

 Christian says "my clothes are wet that okay?"  It's okay buddy, though I'm not sure why half the kids are in clothes instead of their suites....hmmmm :)
 In the shallows
 We brought our poles again this year-well worth the effort of loading them (good job honey :)  Look at Luca's smile!
 Gisella debuts her ruffle suite for 30 minutes...hurry, get the cameras clicking! :)  Like a 4 week old "needs" a suite... ;)
 team trouble... ;)
 But they are so so cute...

Gisella gives the glow affect error a face plant :D  "No mom, no...wipe the lens..."

 The fog did lend this picture a nice dream like feel :)
 Oh you... :)
 intense concentration
 main goal for this game...pelt Kurt with sand...and then do it again
 I happend to meet this fine couple on the way back to the condo...silly billies... :)

until next year... :)


J and A said...

Looks like a fun time :)

Ashton said...

Yay! And oh my...I haven't even looked at my pictures yet, let alone finished editing. You snapped some really great ones. I saw parts of vacation that I didn't even know happened.:) I was probably on the couch nursing Cetty.:)

L, Ann and boys said...

Ash-I have a picture of poppy standing on the skim board for you ;)