Friday, August 30, 2013

Five friday sort of...

It's been a while since I just wrote without editing everything...oh joy for you that I am now typing.  Today my sister was over and had some homework from Luca's school out in the car.  I wanted to see it and she was very sweet about going and getting them so I could cross reference what other kiddos are learning in first grade at very credible schools.  As I tried to compare what I'm teaching to the few worksheets, I realized I was doing it again.  Trying to figure out if I'm teaching enough...if I'm structured enough...if my kids are missing out on anything simply because, I their mother, am just that...a mother along with being their teacher.  I make their lunch (sometimes-other times they seem to have learned to do it themselves if it's past 1p and it's not magically appearing), I have to feed the baby or am putting clothes in the dryer.  I don't have to list the know the stuff.  And somewhere in there, I'm trying to get them to finish worksheets and do math.  It's really easy to get defeated that the year is off track a week into it if I take the half empty approach to what I get done with them scholastically day to day.

And then tonight,  I was trying to clean up the kitchen a little.  I picked up the worksheets laying around on the school table (which is the eat in kitchen table) and I saw this:

The reason it nearly made me cry is that I worked with all the kiddos today but... not Jude.  He got in a good day of play and we started school early this I just wrote it off and I said in my mind that we would catch up on Monday.  I told him to sit down and we would do it though in the afternoon without following through.  He's just in first grade and I don't expect him to do it all on his own so we read together normally.  But I didn't sit down with him.

he tried so hard.

without perfectness on my part...

God bless his little self, he's trying so hard and it's the most motivating thing in the world.

I can keep trying hard if he can.

And I love it that 1. says that I had fun and flew at the same time ;)


Jenny Gutwein said...

Maybe you should mention that you were accidentally making your four year old complete kindergarten level material. Pretty serious mama/teacher.. Hehe!

Erika said...

We could talk a lot about this. In fact, we should somehow morph you and I into 1 mama/teacher and we'd have it made!! My goal this year is to lighten up a bit and enjoy the process. What are the chances of that happening?! And by the way, no one has ever used "fun" when describing me LOL.

L, Ann and boys said...


I love it... :) heeehee and I think you're fun. ;)