Saturday, July 13, 2013

When push comes to shove...

I could have set an induction date this weekend to meet our little girl.  As a matter of fact...that option still remains open.  It's not because of any known stress on the baby (or me)...nor is it because the baby is suspected to be too big to deliver...the option is open because I progress relatively quickly when in active labor and my OB is leaving for vacation Tue.  That's it.  The only two reasons.  And for the life of me, I can't justify shoving things instead of giving little pushes instead.  Don't get me wrong, I want to have this baby.  I walked two miles yesterday and the OB did an exam that "should help move things along" but I don't want to walk into the hospital with no contractions and get hooked up to pit.  Do I think inductions are evil.  No I don't.  Do I think they have a place in modern medicine.  Sure.  Do I think nature always knows best, 100% of the time.  Not always (i.e. babies that undergo stress when placenta starts to break down and labor still hasn't started).  Do I trust my OB and the fact she doesn't think induction would stress me or the baby as I'm considered "favorable" or ready-sure I do.  But I still can't see myself calling into the office all chipper to announce, "let's do this thing today".  It comes down to the very basic premise that I like things to just happen.  Plus...I have this lingering suspicion that this kiddo isn't quite as big as the others have been.  Normally when pregnant, I get really annoyed with very bony feeling knees that sit in one spot too long and I end up shoving it to a new place so my abdominal wall isn't so sore.  That hasn't been the case this go around.  I was also wondering why, with all these contractions, I wouldn't have progressed more than I have (2 cm); but at the my last apt Friday, the OB said the baby is still really high, so it makes more sense now.  I don't think the boys had the option of riding high at 40 weeks as they ran out of where is the little lady finding the extra space?  I've gained my normal amount of pregnancy weight, so I'm not stressed about it...but those two things are making me look at my belly sometimes with the question "are you ready baby?".

So here I sit, chilling out on my exercise ball while I type.  I'm sure the baby will come along soon.  I'm excited.  I'm done knitting her sweaters, the house is about as clean as it can get with the five boys running around and I'm cooking beef roasts and putting them back in the freezer pre-shredded.  I may schedule acupuncture next week if there is still no action, but I'm practicing trust in my own little way.  Trust that the timing will be best if I'm patient and that I'll enjoy the experience as much as that is possible if I just wait.

And castor oil...if you are listening...I still don't want to take you.  But if I hit 41 weeks for the first time, we may have to have a little reunion of sorts. ;)

Andria Rene`



Bryce and Erin said...

Ann - how exciting that you're so close to delivery. :) I think you're making a great decision to wait. I hear those pitocin contractions are super painful!! I'll be praying for you over the coming days as you wait for your sweet little darling. Can't wait to see photos of her beautiful face. :) Erin

Dmasy said...

I check on your blog every day...kinda' like waiting with you.

Bless you and little baby girl.

Sandra said...

i can testify to Pit being painful!!! I did it with Caden(second child) and I vowed never to do it again unless absolutely necessary. IT HURT way worse than just going the ol natural:)
Can't wait to hear the news though of your sweet little girl entering the world. Girls...after many boys, they just have a special place in your heart:)

J and A said...

Oh An, I totally know what you are going through. All I can say is just trust in God's timing and wait on Him. As hard as that was sometimes, that's what got me through. Enjoy and savor the last few days before you are no longer the only lady in the house :)
And I'm sure you know this already, but if she drops lower and engages, you could see if your OB will just ROM and hold off on the pit like mine did. It'd probably be all you need to get things going.

emilykate said...

I actually do think inductions are kind of evil the more I learn about them... :)

Hope all goes well! I'm sure you're a pro at this by now.

L, Ann and boys said...

Emily- I think they can be a horrid idea if a mom isn't ready at all (which is most first time moms and some repeat moms as well)...I agree it starts the cascade of events that end in c-sections all too often. There's a reason they won't put a mom who's had a c-section on pit normally...that stuff is strong enough to rupture a uterus.
By "evil", I guess I meant someone intentionally causing harm. I think everyone involved wants a healthy baby in the end but there is some lack of education on what a mama can do without intervention if she herself is educated and takes care of herself.
If there is anything evil, I would call out the dumb law suites that keep OB docs looking over their shoulder, always doing the "safe" thing as far as being sued goes. In some states that don't regulate the amount that a doc can be sued, there is a lack of OB care because no one wants to practice in that environment and there aren't enough OB docs. :/
side note: I watched "the business of being born" and thought it was very interesting. :)

emilykate said...

Yes, An, totally agree. I think so many women think getting induced and having such a highly medicated birth in many different ways is just normal so they don't think to question. I read SO many birth stories of women who are induced and the story illustrates their body was clearly not ready at all to give birth. Same page. :)

I think we watched the business of being it the one mostly about midwives/home births? It got a little much by the end even for me, so you can imagine how Devin felt. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

Ya, I definitely watched it solo ;) It's a documentary style format which can get dull enough...but with content just being one birth story after the next- I just watched it while folding laundry one night. :)