Saturday, July 27, 2013

One week Mei Tai Review

So far...I love it.  As with all carriers, I will love it less and less as the baby gains weight.  With Gisella hovering around 8 pounds, it's super comfortable.  All babies are going to like different things, but the little lady is very calm in this and doesn't think she needs to eat...which is kind of a big deal.  When she's awake, that's what she thinks is on the agenda if I'm just holding her in my arms. 

With the neck support up/unfolded

With the neck support down, still holds the back of her neck fine even if not supported with my hand (important if you are eating breakfast...and should I admit at this point in the post that breakfast was tiramisu and decaf espresso? :D

the criss-cross is high on shoulders which I find to be very comfortable.  I added padding to the straps along the shoulder as well making it nice and cushy. :)

Her little feet are in the fetal position bent at the knee...when she gets bigger, her legs will supposedly wrap around my waist (tree hugging fashion) in a natural position for her hips.  I'll be moving her to my back at that point too as I don't think front carriers are comfortable passed three months.  I find this carrier easier to put on than the Moby...maybe slightly more tricky than the Bjorn because you have to hold the baby while getting the shoulder straps tied (but it doesn't take longer than the Bjorn per se, just a bit more thought put into it than putting it over you head and tightening the straps before adding baby)
Final verdict:  Happy I sold our Bjorn and tried this.  I was wanting something "different" and more organic in style and this fits the bill.  Luke will not be using it though (at least I don't imagine so) like he did the Bjorn on occasion (we can't all be Brad Pitt rocking a Moby okay ;).  I would guess we'll graduate to a Ergo later passed 6 months if I'm needing a carrier at that point (and I find a good deal).


Rachel said...

Zulily has had Ergo's on sale a few times already this summer...we got one for half off a few weeks ago!
Love this carrier and haven't seen one like it before - very impressed that you made it, too, what an accomplishment!

L, Ann and boys said...

Thanks Rachel! I've got a Zulily account but it gets sent to my junk I don't know what's happening unless I go directly to the site. Thanks for the heads up. :)