Saturday, July 6, 2013

I found that pink bag...sort of

So...remember this bag?  I posted it with my other new fondness for pink things awhile back.

I found this cheaper version at H&M yesterday and while the picture makes it look tan, it's a very light dusty pink.  I put all of the babies clothes in it for the hospital...which was fun.  But now that all the bags are packed, I feel a little stir crazy. ;)
 Also found this fun embellishment for the diamond stitch hat at H&M too. :)
 And this is why I love to order from artists on Etsy.  How cute is this little note?
 She made this little going home outfit.


Sarah said...

Cute, cute, and cute! Best wishes on your last days of pregnancy!

emilykate said...

Woah that outfit is crazy cute!

L, Ann and boys said...

Thanks for the well wishes ladies ;)

Ashton said...

Waiting for my phone to ring in the middle of the night! And praying for you both!