Friday, June 7, 2013

So you want a Mei Tai carrier...

I saw a mom at the Children's museum a few days ago...she looked something like this:

I was all like..."hey I want one of those...(and the boots;)" all of the sudden.  So my internet search began as soon as I got home.  I narrowed it down to a mei tai carrier and found the "BabyHawk" first.  Gulp-they cost around $100.   Ya right.  
So then I hit up Etsy looking for a deal.  The one pictured above is $65.  Better.  Almost got that one in support of an artisan somewhere.

But then the wheels began to turn...I can make that if I can find a pattern.  Just what I need, another project.  But lo and behold I found myself at Jo-Ann fabrics in the clearance section after locating a pattern I could follow that seemed easy enough (link to pattern).

I changed some things on the online tutorial I found to suite my most wanted features; and after haggling with the fabrics lady at the cutting counter about how the material I found was in the clearance section and should be priced as such...(even though it wasn't a clearance fabric)...I made this for $30 (including thread, batting etc).

I tried it on tonight (when I finally finished it at 11:30p-hece the dark, rather horrid picture) I was a tad worried it had no extra length on the shoulder ties with no baby in it yet.  Then the face plant.  There is a baby in it.

There is an Infantino brand mei tai that retails for just over $ ya, I could have just ordered one for the same cost and no work.  But this one has matching material to the baby blanket I made...and is the colors I wanted.  Ya-I know-I'm probably not going to convince too many that's worth the four hours+ put into it.  But the baby is already feeling my proud smug glow that I made her a carrier and that's worth something. ;)

update: August 19th, 2013

Adding padding to the straps
 Folding strap in half, then ironing, and pinning before sewing edge (instead of turning inside out after sewing right sides together)
 sewing straps to inside with anchor box sticking, rubber bands to hold straps out of sewing machine seams and padding for head support
With the baby inside with legs in fetal position. :)  She likes it.


Heather Hoerr said...

very cute. when I read your posts about all your little homemade projects, all I can think is "how in the World does she find time to make that with 5 kids... especially 5 home schooled kids!" I'm impressed. my 2 kids probably overwhelm me more than your 6 will you. :)

smw said...

very cool. :)

emilykate said...

Nice work! I wish I would have researched carriers more...not a huge fan of our Moby. Thankfully Molly had a Bjorn she hardly ever used and we really like that.

L, Ann and boys said...

Heather-ya, there was some laundry that wasn't getting done while I worked on this. ;) always waits for me very patiently though...

Emily-I've heard the Moby is better for fussy babies early on around the house. It's a pain for being out and about with all the tying and long ends dragging the ground until on right-so I guess that's why the reviews are so mixed depending on the users lifestyle. We used a Bjorn for years (the only carrier that Luke would wear) and I'm just now switching to this style. We'll see if I like it. :)