Monday, June 3, 2013

Laura had her little boy...

And we haven't been up to see him in person yet - :(  booboo

A picture we nabbed while at the park before baby arrived...ya, she and her kids look that cute to go out on a playdate.  They even matched somehow :D  We would have had the grunge look for sure had someone offered to take our family photo ;)
Summer is kicking off (though we still have some lagging school work to finish) VBS is starting tonight, I'm on jury duty call all week (can you believe the excuse paragraph I wrote about being too busy was totally ignored?  Hair flip and a sigh)...but my dominant thought pattern throughout the day always comes back to only having 6 weeks-ish until we meet our little girl and what that will be like.  It's really not all that hard to bring the topic to mind as I'm already having Braxton hicks contractions all the time as a constant reminder. :)

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Joy said...

Hey Andria! I have a question for you, Im gonna Facebook you so it's more private. It's about taking pictures on June 15th at Maks and Anna's.