Tuesday, May 14, 2013

nursery update in pictures...

I learned how to navigate tight corners with double pointed needles.  It's easier to crochet little things, like a baby sweater sleeve, than to knit them (I think anyway).  It is more simple to count knit stitches than crochet though since they are all lined up on the needle.  This may explain why I've never been able to follow a pattern while crocheting. :)
 And...I got all the way to the top...almost finished and..........ran out of yarn.  So annoying.  But it's basically done and I'm very thrilled with the brain stimulation of learning something new and having a little sweater as a result.  Psssst-Don't tell Luke, but I just ordered some silk yarn to make a six month sized one.  Don't worry, I'll post less pictures of the progress of that project. ;)

I got a little golden branch spray painted and hung with pretties above the crib.

 The standard nursery chair-I still need to find an ottoman that doesn't cramp this small room.  I fell for the grey and white bold pattern for accent throw pillows. 

The crib pictured is a "mini crib" and those crates on the shelves hold all the baby clothes.  There is a closet in this room, but it's really Luke's office space and won't be used as a nursery long term.  So-I'm only claiming two corners and trying not to move too many things. ;)  That's not a good picture of the blanket on the crib.  It's white on the other side and has dusty rose silk ties on the corners that aren't visible.
 Normally, I'm not a huge stuffed animal fan.  but this little bunny got to me.  So she's in the crib just hanging out, making herself at home. ;)
the end of nursery update ;)


smw said...

everything is so darling!!!

L, Ann and boys said...

thanks! :) I've been a busy little bee in there. I like to decorate more than clean...sadly for the house. ;)

Mindy said...

So fun!! Love how girly it all is! You are amazing - I seriously don't know how you find time to make clothes while you take care of your boys and everything else!

emilykate said...

so sweet!

Sarah said...

adorable. The sweater looks just like the pic you posted earlier!

And loving the blanket hanging on the crib. Great work!