Monday, April 8, 2013

You might be...

expecting a girl if you just painted your toenails a pink color called "You're so sweet you're giving me a tooth ache".  :D  Seriously...could they have picked a longer name for it?  I have never...ever...felt the urge to paint my toenails pink.  The estrogen is getting to me.

And while Shauna Niequist (Bittersweet) probably wouldn't have wasted the time on the above project (from what she wrote about time constraints and polish in the section I read), she may (or may not) agree with some of my personal "I don't" list items inspired by the one she listed in her book (which I have not read-for shame quoting it without a full read :).

Ann's 2013 "I don't list" (which is sure to change with time)

-I don't to live in fear of overpopulation (or strive not to).  I firmly believe that God is praised by life and that He is in full control of the planet.  Viewing children as liabilities instead of assets to humanity is always a prelude to decline.  Choices destroy resources not numbers only.

-I don't feel the need to run around the yard and pick up all the bikes every night that lay in our front yard.  It has resulted in one bike being stolen...but I stand firm in this resolve.  They ride them until dusk and resume at dawn (or nearly), so for now the yard looks like a bike grave yard or sale lot.

-I don't feel crummy if my vehicle is.  The locomotion I find myself in is usually not perfectly clean.  Inside or out.  I would like it to be, and Luke makes a valiant effort, but it no longer makes me annoyed if it's not.

-I don't ever catch up with laundry and don't expect to anytime soon.

-I don't dust.  A cleaning lady comes about once every month or so to undo the accumulated damage as a result.  

-I don't harbor regret for finishing a associates degree instead of a bachelors as originally intended.  It was a good choice for our family and we have less loans as a result.

-I don't have our boys in organized sports yet.  I don't know when that will happen but right now it would be an overcommitment.  

-I don't go to bed early and I don't often rise early either.  The late ebb and flow of Luke's work schedule has influenced this.

-I don't expect a picture perfect school days defined by someone else's standards

-I don't buy houseplants that need water more than once a month

-I don't prioritize my kids over Luke

-I don't think we could live without our babysitter down the street. ;)

That will do for now.  what is your list looking like lately? :)


Annette Bahler said...

I think I may have influenced your car making it on the list today.. haha!!

J Gutwein said...

Just switched my account back to me.. above comment is me.. which you probably figured.

L, Ann and boys said...

It's possible...very possible. ;)

emilykate said...

I've been working on my'll surface over the next month or so. :)

emilykate said...

Oh and I really enjoyed reading yours!

smw said...

i loved reading this. for some reason this is a hard list for me to do. :) yet, i want to!!

Sarah said...

loved this list...

emilywarken said...

I've been following your blog awhile, and this is my first comment. I wrote about this same thing on my blog, here's the link
God bless with a new, baby girl...Nothing better than a strong, growing family!!