Saturday, April 6, 2013


I wrote a blog post in '07 about some funny names Luke had heard of at the hospital.  It has come to my attention that a majority of these names have been floating around and don't really belong to anyone in real life.  Why do I care?  Well, I care because there is an overhanging stigma that goes with repeating these names that I wasn't aware of when I did the post.  You hear the name and it's funny...then you picture the kind of person you think would use it.  Whatever that person looks like to you in particular will probably shine light on a prejudice you might not even have known was there.  I feel really crummy if I took part in poking fun at someone else, or in this case, a group of people and I thought it was worth saying  "I'm sorry.  I will strive not to do this again in the future."  It's always good to assess where our prejudices come from and to sort through whether they are healthy or not.  Fun growing pains of life I guess.

Now...I felt really "had" when I was told (by a babycenter message board chuckle, eye roll and lol added for good measure) that there are no twins that go by the names lemonjello and orangejello.  I couldn't fathom how a whole group of professional people would be repeating these names with no bases at the hospital.  There had to be a root from which the exaggeration sprung up and thrived.  Below are a few screen shots of what I found.

A drink brand in Italy.  The "c" is soft.  Not the name I'm looking for, but shows other cultures have words that are close to "Lemonjello" and they don't remind anyone of gelatin.  We kind of get tunnel vision with the English language at times. 

 While I found no one with the first name "Lemonjello" searching Social Security records, there are 29 records of individuals with this last name.  A very possible foothold for the urban legend to start spinning.  And when they say the name, I don't think they say "Lemon....pause...jello"  the say it like their culture would with no snickering, like we would hear the word cello and not think anything of it.

As for the name "abcde"...there are no records on file.  The only way I see this making sense is a patient not keen on giving a real name just puts the first 5 letters of the alphabet to get the admitting paper work done.  This name lives only in tales told along hospital halls.


Ashton said...

Maybe they legally changed their names. Just a thought.:)

L, Ann and boys said...

very possible. It doesn't cost that much to do I hear. :)