Thursday, April 25, 2013

Life in pictures...


"Adrian is very annoying.  He is also funny in a very annoying way.  He burps every time I see him.  He also plays the piano.  Adrian and I don't exactly see eye to eye.  He is eight years old which is younger than me as I am nine.  And to top it all off he owns a Samsung phone and radio."

I mean, the fact that he burps on every meeting is almost fine...but a Samsung phone seems to be what really pushes Adrian over the annoying edge.  It's an old phone of Luke's with no plan just for clarification and the radio was a freebee from continental airlines when they used to give away things like that.  Adrian mostly listens to Jazz and classical music with it perched on his shoulder while he walks around the house. :)  It can be kind of annoying depending on the volume. ;)
 and this supposed to turn into...
This darling sweater...stupid pinterest.  I was quite happy with not being able to click needles until I saw this picture.  Now I have visions of my near future...a line between my eyebrows ripping out misplaced stitches.  Joy.

And just because I don't want to devote a whole post to it...I read the Hunger Games series.  Oh yes I did.  The boys are at Grandma Gigi's house and I stayed up until 2 am reading the last one.  Because when else can I do that right?  I wasn't reading them to be critical, but the biggest glaring detail I find still pesters me is:

are you so curious?  You're not?  Oh            okay ;)

So if you've read them (or haven't, this isn't a spoiler) did you question this?  I can't figure out why the careers don't go get their night vision gear (or have it on them already since they like to night hunt) the first time miss Everdeen (oh so close to must have been tempting) is up a tree and it starts getting dark...and if the reason is Glimmer can't use a bow well...I don't know why she would be lugging it around with full access to all the other weapons.  And even without night vision gear...didn't one of them have a flashlight for spotlighting her?  It's not because they can't think clearly either, they have food, water and it's only the first few days in...but it's fiction and a pretty good trilogy read none the less.  If you can get over the fact that the kids don't all wonder around waiting to be killed by the game makers instead of killing each other that is.  That, and the classic love triangle lingers on and on, I kept thinking Gale would die any time now, but he lingers on as the third side for a while.  It must be fun for Hollywood to make movies based on books made for television format and production from the start.  I found the first movie more distasteful than reading the first book-I think it was actually seeing the kids so young being violent.  I would not let my children view this film but keep hearing younger kids talk about seeing it.  And it's not mature conversations (because they are kids) it's comments like "I think I would be pretty good in the games."  Um...I don't think that's what the author was getting at...but does support her view of thinking it's possible for culture to get this extreme.  As far as good verses evil goes, these books do stay in line with base line biblical right and wrong (ie-drunkeness is painful to watch, sexual abuse/slavery is considered appalling in book two, murder painfully life changing and drug abuse steals people's lives away).  The same can't be said for the Twilight series (which I haven't read and probably won' sorries to said fans).


smw said...

i LOVE that writing assignment. :) so funny and such intelligent word usage!

megs @ whadusay said...

I loved reading the Hunger Games. Finished the third one on my iphone on our drive home from Florida a couple years ago. I was not fun company for my husband who had to drive the whole way. My biggest beef is that they should not be marketed to kids. They are not a kids book. I agree that the movie was more disagreeable than the first book. The book made the violence so much more clear cut as a bad thing (as it should be portrayed). Overall though good themes and a very entertaining read. :)

Aubrey said...

Hunger Games were good reads, I agree! Also agree with them not ok for kids, but maybe better for kids than Twilight (which I also refused to read on principle and stubbornness). Also agree movie was violent and, in general, not nearly as good as the book.