Wednesday, April 10, 2013

If only I liked the smell of castor oil...:)

Really...posting multiple pictures of my face with no makeup on?  Bear with me for a second.  This is a pretty big deal ;) ...a pretty cheap big deal at that.  I started snapping these pictures just for my own record...but I feel inclined to share.  What's a blog for anyway right?

I came across a blog post about washing your face with oil at night to help heal blemish scaring.  I normally don't scar too badly, but since I've been pregnant, it looks like I have rosacea from all the extra blood flow (not to mention the red puffiness around my nose...but that's off subject).  So...I figured why not try it for two weeks?  what's the worst thing that could happen?  Oh ya--- :/ I've got combination skin and I may have a major break out...but besides big risk factors. ;)

So I mixed a little container of half castor oil (cold pressed) and half jojoba oil and dove right in (use less castor oil in the ratio if you have dry skin).  Shake the oil before using, rub it into your skin for about 60 seconds (before bed) and while you do that, run your faucet on hot so it warms up.  Once the waters is steamy hot, wet a clean washcloth in the hot water and wring it out (I'm using a microfiber bamboo one).  Spread it over your face until it cools (about 30-60 seconds) then wipe the excess oil off your skin.  This draws out old oil, makeup and dirt from pores.  Rinse the washcloth in hot water and wipe your face again if it doesn't feel clean yet, though you may not need to.  When finished, your face will be squeaky clean with a very elastic shiny appearance.  Not glossy from the oil though, it's just really clean from the hot wash cloth.  I finish with my normal moisturizer (Burts Bees is my fave right now).  In the morning, I use my Alba coconut wash like normal or just splash with tepid water and tone with witch hazel.  I plan to add watered down tea tree oil for spot treatment on future trouble spots but really haven't needed to lately since my body chemistry is evened out.  It's also recommended that you exfoliate once a week with something.  I just use baking soda and vinegar or milk mixed for that most of the time.  EASY-CHEAP-HOORAY.

My pictures posted backwards...but lets just start with the healthy looking ones instead of rearranging shall we? ;)

After two weeks-this is with tinted moisturizer on only and no photo editing...I do know how to do that you know ;)
 This picture (below) is more red looking in general. :/ all are taken in natural window lighting with my phone but...anyway.  This is after about a week.  Tinted moisturizer only (and obviously no eye liner-come on...I just woke up :).
 After two days of oil washing- no makeup on.  Trust looks better than it did day one.
 This is before I started doing anything with oil washing.  I have tinted moisturizer on and cover up on the reddest places... it still looks pretty rosacea-esk even with concealer on.  None of the spots are new breakouts...just super red from previous trouble spots. 

So there you have it.  You can't ever say I kept my best secrets to myself now. ;)


smw said...

that's great! thanks for the tips!

emilykate said...

Wow - so cool that it worked and that you took time to prove it!

Sarah said...

like this post :)

Natalie said...

Your title led me to think that you were ingesting caster oil... I thought "Isn't she a little early for that?!" Haha. So excited for you and your baby girl.

L, Ann and boys said...

Natalie...yes...that's why I hate how it smells (but fear not, I don't think I'll take it ever again...which I've said several times in my non-pregnant life). All my previous escapades with the stuff makes my stomach nervous when I smell it. ;)