Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Creamy potato soup...with a little heat

And by creamy, I mean light sour cream and blender creamy. ;)  If recipes that are not exact make you want to scream...skip this one.  I made it on the fly without measuring anything,  so this is my best recall.  It was so yummy (by my tastes that is) that I don't want to forget it and thought it post worthy.

I say I made it on the fly...but I used soup techniques that are in all of  my fave soup recipes. And sorry for the sloppy picture...it's my half eaten bowl.  I liked it enough to snap a picture half way through dinner. ;)

What you need to make it:

Half a 4 lb bag of peeled, cubed potatoes (any variety, but I did use organic and didn't peel them perfectly.  Potatoes are sprayed heavily from what I've read...who knows if that's true though)

One 32 oz carton of broth plus two cups more (I don't know if the two extra cups are needed, but I made some broth from concentrate and then found a carton...so I used both :)

1 to 2 Tablespoons olive oil or butter with one garlic clove minced in

10 oz can of Ro-Tel (or use diced tomatoes and a can of green chilies)

A big leaf or two of dark green flat leaf kale torn or chopped up (or any kind of kale...or skip it altogether :)

A large onion chopped (I used yellow)

4 med sized carrots, peeled and chopped (I used some from farm fresh...so they could be considered small)

2 or 3 stalks of celery, trimmed and chopped (depending on the size)

Scallion chopped for garnish (the green part too if you like it)

Approximately 1/2 cup Light sour cream (or greek yogurt...or plain yogurt)

A slash of cream if you are so moved

several slices of bacon cut into small pieces and fried until crisp but not too dark-drain grease off and turn out onto paper towel so it's not grease heavy.  I also trimmed some of the pure fat off the end before frying so it would't be chewy in the soup later  (or try turkey bacon...or smoked salmon...or sausage...or baby clams :D)

Salt and pepper to taste

A blender or hand held blender tool

How to make it:

First sauté the the garlic in the oil until just golden brown in a large heavy pot.  Add the onion, carrot and celery.  Cook until the onion looks a little translucent (don't skip this step, pretty please- it locks the flavor into the veggies so they don't get dull and lifeless in the soup).  Then add the stock, kale, Ro-Tel (tomatoes) and diced potatoes.  Cook with the lid on until the potatoes are soft.  Carefully (it's hot...really hot) put half the soup in the blender and process until really smooth (I used a two cup measure to scoop it container at a time into the blender-dumping from the pot would be scary).  Add the smooth soup back to the pot.  Wait until you are nearly ready to serve the soup (so you don't risk scorching the milk products) and then whisk in the sour cream and cream if you are using it.  Add the bacon pieces as well (don't add them before you put the soup in the blender...that could be gross).  Now taste away until you get the salt and pepper the way you like it.  If I'm hungry, this process takes longer. ;)  Top with the chopped scallion and if you wanted to be really top notch for guests, you could put sour cream in a bag, cut the corner off and pipe a squiggly line on to of the soup.  Bonus points for that move. ;)  This recipe makes a lot.  For a small crowd, you could freeze some.  For our family of 7 we had leftovers the next day for lunch.  It has a little heat...you can control how much by using less than a full can of Ro-Tel or simply use diced tomatoes with no pepper at all.  On a scale of 1-10, this is only a 2 in my opinion heat wise though.  Not hot enough to clear my sinuses sadly. ;)

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