Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bye-bye rooster roo

So of the four chicks (one purchased as a hatched chick), we had one rooster.  Adrian's little chick was advertised on craigslist in an attempt to forgo butchering the thing in our backyard (our neighbors would have loved that I'm sure).  The idea of chopping off his head nearly brought the boys to tears which made Luke even more sure they needed to experience it to "toughen them up a little". ;)  I'm not sad someone came by for the fellow a day after I posted this fine picture with the word "FREE" in the header.  And why not...good looking bird hu? :)
 Now that he's gone, the three hens stay close to the coop unless herded away by the boys.  It's pretty stereotypically funny (to me) how much less adventurous they are without him around leading them all over the place.  They are joyfully fed dandelion flowers and worms by the boys on a regular basis.  On such a beautiful rounded out diet, they should be ready to lay a few eggs in no time. ;)

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