Saturday, April 20, 2013

a few pictures

Overnight (it seemed)...she popped. :)  My phone app says 84 days or 28 weeks-ish :) ...let the 10 week count down begin-I'm ready for the single digit weeks. :)
 We did make some pastel eggs a few weeks back...and I do have pictures of our hunt...somewhere. ;)
 whoooo-hooooo!  Diaper covers with pink on them.  I need to admit I have a problem buying too many of some point.
 I started wrapping proofing CDs in magazine pages (Anthro and pottery Barn kids being favorites) for mailing.  I'm loving the unique look of each one and talk about spending nothing on packaging. :)
 Pre-school project that was really fun for Christian.  Sorting out the colors and repeating patterns with jelly beans.  Then he ate one of each color when finished of course. :)


emilykate said...

Wow, only 10 weeks left! Looking great!

L, Ann and boys said...

Actually a bit less than 12 weeks(unless I go overdue)...but who's counting. ;) I'm just really excited about the 10 week countdown because it seems to go really fast in the single digits. :D