Thursday, March 7, 2013

The chicks have names...

Jude's little brown one has been dubbed "Stuart Little" since he was the last hatched, brown like the mouse in question and a bit on the smallish side.  I call him "Stu" because he's the most worried all the time and seems to be the loudest. :)
The little mostly cream one with black stripes is "Fluffy".  I tried real hard to present some other more creative options...but Noah would have nothing to do with them.  "Fluffy is his name because he is fluffy" he says with conviction.  The mostly black one with cream colored head is "Bald Eagle"  I'm fine with this name as I can just call it Yugi (Ee-gee) like one of mom and dad's darling foreign exchange students. ;)  About every hour or so, Willem says he wants to see the chicks.  He sits on the little step stool in the bathroom calling me until I oblige to help him hold one.  It's the cutest. ;)
If they are all boys...we are going to have some drama issues in a few weeks. :/  I think we'll order two hatched girl chicks before sending the little gents away to ease the transition.

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