Monday, March 11, 2013

Running pregnant II

Well...I'm still at it (running that is) 23 weeks along.  I wasn't sure how to get a picture of these pants without asking Luke, which seemed annoying-So here's a shot from an angle that doesn't make much sense, but shows the product in real life none-the-less. ;)  I tried running without them a few weeks back because they need washed, and boy do they make a difference while pregnant.  They are compression tights which are a good idea anytime, but with 1/3 more blood volume pumping around, (50% more plasma 20-30% more platelets) they are a must these days.  It seems to keep my legs from feeling weighted down and helps push the blood back up to the heart/lungs. These are Sugoi tights and if they weren't so stupid expensive I would have two pairs instead of one. ;) 

The first trimester of running I felt heavy all the time.  I think due to the lack of much needed additional red blood cells.  The second trimester has been dandy though with all the extra platelets made finally and not too much extra weight out front just yet to throw off my groove.  This morning I wanted to do a long run since it was sort of warm (50F).  So I gathered the gear:

-The compression pants of course :)
-The hand held water bottle (I like amphipod stuff):

-My sugar (sports beans was the choice of the day.  These fit in the little compartment on the water bottle hand strap-yay)

-Nuun electrolyte tabs (throw it in your water bottle and it fizzes to self mix.  They are sugar free but make the water a very nice flavor anyway with a bit of tang depending on your flavor choice)

-A mini cradle support band (no, I'm not going to post a picture of it...because even though it's just a band of seems rather unfortunate that I need to wear one in order to jog comfortably.

-Compression tank.  I overlooked wearing it for todays run and wish I had remembered.  Makes a big difference for any run over four miles as the abdominal wall starts to get a little tuckered out.  I don't buy expensive sport ones, I just get black ones from Target.

-The Nike running App so I know how far I've gone and when to turn around.

If you've made it this probably want to know if I died on the run. ;)  I ran out the door even though it was raining (because the forecast said 100% rain all day, no waiting it out).  It wasn't cold though, so the wet wasn't a big deal-even bordered on refreshing.  I ran out 3.3 miles before turning around to head back.  I thought I would add a loop around our subdivision to make it an even 7 miler when I got close to our house. things would turn out, at mile 5 I got a side cramp.  I'm not really sure what it's like to have a dangerous muscle/ligament issue while running pregnant, so I used caution and walked for a little bit to see what the deal was.  Turned out to be boring old lactic acid cramp and it went away.  I felt confident that a ligament wasn't about to bust or something terrible and finished out the run.  The temp dropped by 4 degrees, which doesn't seem like a big deal...but with the rain hitting my face and the wind no longer at my back, I was very okay with finishing the run at 6.6 and not being a perfectionist about getting in that .4 miles to make it 7 even.  I was surprised how genuinely tired I felt after a relaxing hot shower.  I took a beautiful nap for 45 minutes before rejoining humanity at our house.  So back to two milers this week as my stomach muscles feel rightfully sore (but they kind of always do anyway until baby is off board, so that's not new)...but I may find the same trial along the nature preserve again if we get a nice warm day soon. :)

Good night. :)


J Gutwein said...

I told somebody the other day that my sister & I like to brag about our running in extreme temps. She brags concerning single digits and I triple... haha.. I am going to die upon our move.. Zumba baby during the winter!!

L, Ann and boys said...

I think you should try cardio sculpt. It's the one class at the Y that humbled me in a minutes. ;) I could tell it was really working on some key muscle groups too after about 3 weeks. I liked my random Zumba classes too, but it was just calorie burn, not really targeting any particular area.