Tuesday, March 12, 2013


We ventured off to Napolese for date night.  My sister, Ashton, commented that the pizza tasted like offerings she had in Naples-so the name of the restaurant is fitting I suppose (though I have to take her word for it since I've never set foot on Naples soil).
The atmosphere was really cozy and warm.  The fire in the hearth were the pizza is cooked to crispy chewy perfection was really pretty to look at in the corner.

we got some local meats to start and I tried their tomato artichoke soup.  Both were very good.  The pizza came with crushed pepper flakes on the side in a jar which made me super happy. :)  I wanted the margarita pizza but couldn't get over wanting mushrooms too, so we built our own.
 I tried the vanilla gelato with sipping chocolate to pour over it.  The sipping chocolate was good...kind of like pudding before it gets thick in a sauce pan texture.  The gelato didn't have enough egg yolk in it to make me swoon, but was good as well.  Verdict:  would definitely go again if in the mood for pizza.


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Heather Hoerr said...

we love napolese! their salads are super tasty too. did Ash tell you that we randomly saw them there last week when we both decided to eat there at 6:30p on a wednesday night? so random but a fun surprise and great to have someone else to sit with!

L, Ann and boys said...

She did :) Something about the Chad police not being okay with their parking spot. ;) Heehee Fun