Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nailed it...

And by that I mean total and utter failure. :P

Pinterest can be inspiring...if you follow the right sort of people and don't become an addict (I mean...I wouldn't know the symptoms of that sort of addiction myself-cough).

But sometimes... the recipes don't stand up to the hype.

Take this link for example:

Looks pretty good right?  I thought so.  I could tell it would be dense, but I'm up for sponge cake texture-I's cake so what could go wrong?  The recipe sported a very short list of ingredients as well, so I gave it a shot and hoped it was an easy keeper find.

After the pain of converting "gm" measures to cups (after making sure gm meant grams) and then converting the Celsius temp for the oven to Fahrenheit, I'm pretty sure I was muttering "this better be worth it". 

I messed up on one ingredient.  Pretty much, the main ingredient.  I added condensed milk instead of "sweetened condensed milk".  Big difference.  Big.  In my defense, the title on the site says "Condensed milk cake" was I really expected to read the fine print?-I'll answer that-yes.  So then, I had to double it and add the sweetened kind.  I'm pretty sure my results were a little off, but I made a dense sponge cake with half the sweetness pretty much like the one pictured.  Not impressed and I had a double batch-correction-still have a double batch on the counter.  The boys are eating them though, so I guess all is not lost.  I'll make oatmeal bread next time I feel like turning on the oven.  Either that, or pull out the Silver least the measures are translated for me already.


Ashton said...

That Pinterest picture looks really good. Maybe you should try one more time.

L, Ann and boys said...

Don't tempt me Ashton...don't tempt me. ;)