Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby Chicks have "pipped"

We thought they would hatch on Sunday (day 21) but they hatched Monday.  Apparently the first day you place them in the incubator is day 0 because it takes a while to get them to temp.
 It started with a little crack on top ("Pipping" is the term for this first break)
 Then within six hours the first two had unzipped from the larger end of the egg.  They stayed in the incubator until this morning and then we moved them to a plastic tote with a heat lamp.
 Noah's egg hatched a light little first born chick with major dominant but sweet attitude
 Adrian's is a little dark thing with yellow face that gives the first born a run for it's money ;)
 What a little dude :)
 Jude's chick pipped on the narrow/smaller end of the egg and then stalled all day.  By 11p last night (with the kids in bed) Luke and I made a chipped out ring around the shell so it could get out.  Normally you shouldn't help a chick hatch, but after consulting the all knowing internet, I proclaimed it needed a C-section to survive. :)  Small end hatches rarely end well naturally and the chick will be super worn down if they do make it out on their own.  So, no photos yet with his little fluff ball, as he/she is still in NICU (aka, the climate controlled incubator).

Added later in the day:

Jude's little chick is okay for now and seems to be fairing well in the pecking order. :)  They do peck at everything...including each other.  We have them in the guest bathroom right now so we can turn on the shower for humidity every now and then for the rest of the day getting them used to dry winter air.  Sounds like fun hu?  It's really not that complicated honestly.  I've been amazed at the ability of these little things to hatch and thrive.
 And we worried about telling them apart...but we shouldn't have since the three amigos are black, white and brown respectively. Easy peasy :)


Ashton said...

Ahh! They are so fluffy and cute! OK, we're coming over really soon. Poppy is going to die when she sees those!:)

L, Ann and boys said...

DO! We would love to have you and a need a "girl" model to get a picture for the french berets on Etsy. Poor Willem is embarrassed to have is picture on there...he said so. ;) ;)

emilykate said...

Ah! SO cool. They're adorable.

Dmasy said...

We visited an Ostrich farm in Aruba. Adorable and gawky babies. Our guide somberly informed us that they don't ever help with a hatching. He shocks his head and said, "The help...it no works. Nature she knows. You chip them out, but they die anyway."

I hope that Jude's baby chick is an exception.

Dmasy said...

He shook his head...auto correct is not as clever as it thinks it is!

L, Ann and boys said...

Jude's little baby is still kicking and running all over the place...but it is smaller than the others I think. Nature indeed probably would have done away with the thing...but seeing as little Jude probably would have been crushed, I'm glad it's alive so he can hold it for while. ;) I read that if a chick is stuck hatching out of the larger end of the egg...it means something is just wrong with the thing and it will probably die regardless. But the small end is really hard to work out of even for a healthy chick. The question is...why was it pointing toward the small end in the first place though..sillier than normal bird. :) Luke and I bonded over the assist as well. ;) You can imagine the funny commentary I'm sure between an ER doc and a well read on internet hatching junk...(er I mean info) mama trying to keep her kids chick alive. ;) ;)

And I agree that auto correct is often quite flighty with it's recommended fixes. ;) I enjoyed imagining ostrich babies very much. :D

Annette Bahler said...

So exciting to hear the triplets have arrived. And well, I am rooting for the little brown sweetie! Jude can add the extra love to compensate for the off beat start :)

smw said...

this is just so much fun. :)