Sunday, March 17, 2013

Atomizer mesmerized...

So, Noah sees this new nifty spifty bronzing powder atomizer on my desk and says "Now mom...these are the kinds of things I wish you wouldn't buy." in a sort of scolding tone for being so girly.  Then unable to help himself, he added more meekly "Can I squeeze this?"

I love you Noah.  Sorry I wouldn't let you squeeze bronzer all over my room, but it's for the best, really.
And, I didn't use this before going out this morning for fear it would make me look ridiculous right before leaving for church.  But, I did get the chance to try it when I got home (I've mentioned my obsession with buying/trying things from drugstores right?  It's a problem.  Lucky for me they accept returns on opened items).  I think this is a keeper item though.  It smells like the tropics and is nice and girly looking sitting on my desk (much to the boys demise as previously described). :)


Daveana said...

Haha! Thanks for the laugh!

emilykate said...

Fun! And cute comment from Noah! :)